The New Yorker , John Updike ,and Luning Bonifacio Ira

I even retained a couple of back issues of the New Yorker from May 30,2011 to April 2,2012. My sole purpose is to read some of her favorite articles when I have time to visit her. She is now eighty-eight years old. Last weekend, while vacationing in Zambales I read a kindle ebook about "Tea for Two-An Interview with John Updike" by Simon Werrell

Wondering Thoughts 3.31.2017 “Breaking out from Fear” update love the "Home Page" of this website. I tried reverting to it's original format and added a page which connects to the past eight postings I wrote.Thought regularly checking on the Statistics or Stat's how the site is doing each day. Seems like a good practise how a site is faring out...

Opportunities and Moments

Took a picture of the Yacht Club in  Subic Base Special Economic Zone while the vehicle  was running at 40 miles per hour. It was more of a split second decision for me to  take it or loose the picture. The funny thing is I used an old  Blackberry Curve 9700 as a makeshift camera.  …Read more Opportunities and Moments

Highly recommend check this out.

I believe I have touched on this topic before in one of my earlier freelancing articles. As I advertised and hired freelancers either for my own business or on behalf of my clients, I came across unrealistic freelancers who demands. Yes, you heard it right, demands. Here are some of the ridiculous requests / unrealistic […]…Read more Highly recommend check this out.

Wing Chun Sifu Jamie Cortez (Updated)

20 years of Martial Art experience. 15 years of Wing Chun expeience. 3 different lineages. Combat and battle proven WC. Now even teaching the illusive 'Internal' aspect of WC.I was introduced to martial arts at a young age of 4, while my older brother was doing karate. At the age of 7 I decided to try it myself and fell in love with it too, practicing all the way to adolescence. Later, I joined a Win