Good Reference

1. Unsplash Did you know Unsplash adds 10 new royalty-free photos every 10 days and they’re almost always of breathtakingly attractive beautiful landscapes. Just scroll to the bottom of its home page! via 13 Amazing Places You Can Get Free Stock Photos! (3 min read) — Millionaire's Digest

The Mind and Passion

  Thought patterns are complex. Our actions are based on what we think, feel and do. Our present actions will be based on the decisions we make. Thoughts, Dreams, and Passion seem to go hand-in-hand. The thought patterns we have will make us choose what action to take. The decisions we make will move us…Read more The Mind and Passion

Wondering Thoughts 3.16.2017

 Ola ! Hi Friends! Time to pack my bags and head back to Metro Manila. It's now the middle of March,2017 I saw drastic  changes this month .After I consolidated  my blogs and categorized them according to specific topics or themes. In a way this  improved my views  and proportionally increased  followers on my blogs…Read more Wondering Thoughts 3.16.2017

The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

Indeed words of wisdom”The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging” Vaya Con Dios..

Cristian Mihai

It’s Blogging Week here at Cristian Mihai blog (yeah, I don’t have a fancy name for my blog). We’ll talk about blogging, different tools that make blogging easier, and other stuff. The other stuff is mostly related to some of the do’s and don’t of blogging, what works and what doesn’t.

Everything you’re about to read is common sense. So, please, don’t expect some 3 step tutorial to gaining a billion followers.

And now for today’s post. 7 Golden Rules of Blogging.

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Apps,Software and other Spices

Software and apps are  an essential part of productivity for freelancers and end users. We become too  dependent on them especially if it entails interrelating with other people and working on business tasks from other parts of the world.  Guess this is what freelancers have to contend with in their daily existence. Last month,  I…Read more Apps,Software and other Spices

Work at Home or Work at a Call Center?

Received an invitation from a friend to check out iTunes and apply for an email support. This is for a Customer Support Representative(CSR)for  iTunes email   . No worries my friend assured me. The iTunes account is easy and assured me the account is targeting 50 to 75 agents. Little did I know that there…Read more Work at Home or Work at a Call Center?

Social Media, Blogging and Martial Arts

It all started two years ago when I decided to set up a  Face book Group called the University of the East Martial Art Club or UEMAC  for short. It  is an organization of students and professionals who  practice different Martial Arts such as Karate, Arnis de mano, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Kempo, Hapkido and others…Read more Social Media, Blogging and Martial Arts

Why I Blog?

  Why do I  Blog?  I was mesmerized while    listening to the song of the Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows* ”  The Month of November finally  kicking in  and   the United States Presidential Race is almost over. It all started with my son’s pet  “P’tinciana”,my son’s female Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky. She seemed to be…Read more Why I Blog?