Reflections Of a Humble Home

​ ​What does it feel like  living  alone  in a half a century old ancestral home . Our house is  situated in a  1500 square meter lot along Pana y Avenue. It has been our humble abode since 1967. Our home is surrounded with various fruit trees. From Indian Mango trees, to coconut trees, Midget…Read more Reflections Of a Humble Home

July and the Tiny Granules of Sand -Time

To all my friends, family, beloved followers and readers in America. Taking some time off to greet each one of you a Happy Fourth of July! In the Philippines, we celebrate and call this the Fil-American Friendship day. Something prodded me to write down and share some of my thoughts.  Nope,  I won't be talking about…Read more July and the Tiny Granules of Sand -Time

Fleeting Moment

Fleeting Moment It is 4:30 in the afternoon, besides tiny squeaky chirps of sounds from sparrows coming from our house rear windows. I heard a large booming "Vhong" sounding out from a decade old clock. It is an ancient decade old grandfather clock- coming from the family room. Reminding me of my itinerary for the…Read more Fleeting Moment