WordPress Third Year Anniversary

Thank you WordPress for reminding and celebrating my 3rd Year Anniversary in your Site. I admit Life is full of challenges and surprices. I now realize regardless how you feel about any given circumtance or situation , you need to be brave and strong just to carry on. Bring out your best and God will…Read more WordPress Third Year Anniversary

Shared from WordPress

What Do the Web’s Top Food Blogs Have in Common? They’re on WordPress. - https://wp.me/p3Ca1O-a8i Love this article. It is really worth sharing.  For almost two years I have refrained from writing and sharing blogs. Perhaps mainly my family and I are going through a difficult phase and transition.  Well, I guess everyone does. Thank…Read more Shared from WordPress

Interview of GM “Topher” Ricketts by David Foggie & Dino Flores

Article and Interview was written and conducted by Mr. David Foggie and Dino Flores. Arnis de Mano or Arnis for short is a Filipino Martial Art. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for sharing a remarkable man, I am referring to Grandmaster Christopher "Topher"Ricketts Interview by David Foggie and Dino Flores…Read more Interview of GM “Topher” Ricketts by David Foggie & Dino Flores

Project Management Software: Jira vs Trello vs MS Project vs Asana vs Wrike | Toptal

https://www.toptal.com/project-managers/digital/project-management-softwareHi Michelle, thank you for the heads up. Sharing now your article which I find very informative and relevant, especially it is pertaining to Project Management for Social Media Marketers.Felix I.

Samsung J4+ Product Review

Samsung J4+ Product Review Samsung is a brand name synonymous to product quality and innovation. Samsung products are made and manufactured in Korea, many products made by Samsung have lasted for many year. I could attest to these. I have been a Samsung fan and user for many years. Samsung Corporation  developed  different product diversifying…Read more Samsung J4+ Product Review

Product Review- Samsung Galaxy A10

Yes, promised myself not to purchase another Smart phone I figured unless needed. At least I had a second hand Sony Xperia given to me by my sibling. The aged Android was handling well most of my daily activities. One night, I increased the volume of the Sony to it's maximum. Played my favorite playlist…Read more Product Review- Samsung Galaxy A10