Samsung J4+ Product Review

Samsung J4+ Product Review Samsung is a brand name synonymous to product quality and innovation. Samsung products are made and manufactured in Korea, many products made by Samsung have lasted for many year. I could attest to these. I have been a Samsung fan and user for many years. Samsung Corporation  developed  different product diversifying…Read more Samsung J4+ Product Review

Product Review- Samsung Galaxy A10

Yes, promised myself not to purchase another Smart phone I figured unless needed. At least I had a second hand Sony Xperia given to me by my sibling. The aged Android was handling well most of my daily activities. One night, I increased the volume of the Sony to it's maximum. Played my favorite playlist…Read more Product Review- Samsung Galaxy A10

Review: The Journey App

It is a moderate cloudy warm and humid Saturday May 18. All alone by myself. Figured to switch on my television. I guess could break the deafening silence of an empty home. Decided to keep myself busy by scribbling down my thoughts. Might start out with some simple housekeeping. I picked up my Samsung Galaxy…Read more Review: The Journey App

Review: Tribu Babaylan

The word Babaylan is a Visayan term identifying an indegenous Filipino religiouse leader.Often functions as a healer or Shaman , a seer, and a community miracle- worker. The first time I visited Tribu Babaylan was a week before my birthday. Just out of curiosity ,my buddy and I checked out the breakfast buffet. More than…Read more Review: Tribu Babaylan