Pine City 24 Hours of Strawberries and Pine Trees

I think of Strawberries.I remember the sweet, succulent soft juicy melting in my mouth... I remember savoring each moment especially something that is etched in my younger years. Somehow, I recall the scent of fresh scented pine trees, abundant brittle light cones growing abundantly in  tall bright light green pine trees. I loved mixing my fresh strawberries with enormous corn flakes coming from Post Exchange(PX) giant American Kellog crunchy cereal. Mixed with Real fresh milk.

The Eyes Have It!(Picture Collection)

Some friends tell me they love looking at some of my picture collection. Each picture has a unique story to tell. From time to time I will share some of them. I like using different cameras to come out with the vision I see. Sometimes I use certain android cameras, particularly the Blackberry Curve 9700,…Read more The Eyes Have It!(Picture Collection)

What Summer Means…

    Botolan Zambales is known for its beauty and simplicity. Zambales is widely noted for its mangoes which are abundant from January to April. We arrived on March 24, we were greeted with colorful¬†bougainvilleas which flourished around the neighborhood. The flowers were spliced with different colors such as orange, peach, pink and violet. The…Read more What Summer Means…

Wing Chun Sifu Jamie Cortez (Updated)

20 years of Martial Art experience. 15 years of Wing Chun expeience. 3 different lineages. Combat and battle proven WC. Now even teaching the illusive 'Internal' aspect of WC.I was introduced to martial arts at a young age of 4, while my older brother was doing karate. At the age of 7 I decided to try it myself and fell in love with it too, practicing all the way to adolescence. Later, I joined a Win