Quarterly Assessment Statistics

I hope you love the “Home Page” of this website. I tried reverting to its original format and added a page which connects to the past eight postings I wrote.Thought regularly checking on the Statistics or Stat’s  how the site is doing each day. Seems like a good practice how a site is faring out. Just pablo (30)this March, there is a substantial slight increase of followers and viewers.This is after  I created a website based on topics and categories. I still believe in the importance of having quality content. I am working on them. Besides writing and blogging, I saw the need to constantly update the  Website to improve on functionality and ease.

It is important to identify the best day of your postings, Monday for this site is the best day, it was only March 13(Monday) I had twenty-two views in a single day. This made me think what would be the best way strategize and replicate the feat. The only day I had no view or follows is March 24, 2017(Friday) when I left for Botolan Zambales. I now see the importance of concentrating on functionality and programming or scheduling a task or activity in a week.

Somehow for the past three months,  I learned more about WordPress.com and WordPress.org. There were instances I  seemed to have lost a link to a blog. There were two instances, there was only one instance when one post did not have an option to share with other Social Media links such as Facebook and Twitter. This happened to my posting for “Opportunities and Moments”.  There were certain quirks in the system, when I seem to have lost some image, instances , jpg file or picture.instances, I received a 404 “file not found message”.This has been corrected after I updated my browser.

Importance of a Program and Content

A Program is a series of instruction when we talk about   coding and programming. A program  for working at home has a different context . It  is  a planned series of  tasks , items, schedules or activities.

During certain days I love following a series on-line. These are Gotham ,Super girl and The Flash.  There seems to be some similarities and comparison for Writing, Blogging and the Social Media,  I noticed there are more followers for the series Super girl and The Flash. The audience and followers seem to relate  to the characters in the episode of  the series.  People seem to love stories where they can be entertained and relate in their personal lives.


Breaking and unshackling from Bad Habits.

A thought just occurred to me. Sometimes I have this perception we are all prisoners of our own habits and desires. Most individuals seem to be motivated by habits and desires. We tend to follow a program where we are accustomed to do each day. We tend to follow our actions based on what we feel and perceive what is important to us. Somehow we seem to programmed by these daily habit which , regretfully , shackle us from what really need to do and achieve in our life. I had this inner most urge to write down these thoughts while they seem to be fresh in my mind. I do realize my thoughts seem to be trivial and utterly mundane. I only know that we have to break out from the chains or a dismal life. It is important to work and gain good habits. Just a thought….We really need to go beyond our fear. This is the only way by breaking bad habits and instead work on good habits that could help you improve to become a better person.

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