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A wise man once told me ” Life is a matter of choices, you get what you ask for”

The picture was taken by me at Star Bucks Cafe at Madrigal Park Alabang Taguig.I was fortunate to have met  Mr. John “The Legend ” Pagulayan, through the invitation of my twin brother in a meeting in Alabang.I was likewise lucky to have met a couple of awesome freelancers or Work@Home professionals. I was very much inspired by their stories about their life as Freelancers. I love to share some of my personal thoughts and experience. I would like to thank MS. Roche fell Rivera who is my Professional Virtual Assistant Mentor, Mr. Ron Oriel Darunday Villagonzalo who first introduced me to the world of Work@Home.

I have also included articles and blogs from other writers I look up to. I find the information very useful and informative.

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