Heat is Up!


It’s really getting humid I checked out with Philippine Atmospheric ,Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration   or simply PAGASA. This is the local Philippine’s  Weather Station, and found out Summer is still not here. Seriously?

Personally I could feel the the intense uncomfortable  heat. Temperatures and tempers rising.

Lately I checked out my daughters guitar.We called it “Santana“. I was fiddling around with my daughters guitar hoping to play  a couple of  chords choosing among   Eric Clapton , John Denver or the Beatles. I chose George Harrison’s  composition “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“.

Somehow , I seemed to anticipate playing  the familiar  chords which were both soothing  music to my ears. Instead I heard a nerve wreck bone chilling  and hair raising CLANG  which brought shivers to my spine. Time to pause and have my daughter’s guitar tuned up.

IMG_20161224_104919Just like any musical instrument people have to pause and take a break.Somehow figured this is a welcome bonding time  for me and my family . Meaning a mini-retreat, from the hustle and bustle from the Metropolitan Manila city life

In a few hours from now We will  be heading for Zambales. Sandy beach,coconut palm trees, fresh indian mangoes ,freashly captured tuna and  not to mention a short vacation from Social Media, Internet and Technology.

Something to welcome and hopefully find a quiet spot . Guess for the entire weekend I will remain in personal  quiet solitude. I will arm myself with my kindle keyboard, a planner, and a small green notebook to take down some notes and perhaps write down my thoughts. Something to look forward to . Until than have a good weekend everyone.

Vaya Con Dios


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