Quote for the Day for Freelancers

  Before The Godfather, the first Godfather, nobody else wanted me. But Francis wanted me! He just wanted me, and I didn’t understand it… The studios didn’t want me, nobody wanted me – nobody knew me. I think when a director is interested, I have a tendency to lean forward instead of backing off. You’re…Read more Quote for the Day for Freelancers

Freelancing? Than Focus

   Stop looking Back There are times we go through an adventure driving to the super-freeway we called life. We travel roads hoping to reach our goals, dreams, and aspiration.  Many time we look back, unaware we have fears, imaginary monsters or plain dinosaurs of the past that chase or haunt us. We feel discouraged, unsure of what…Read more Freelancing? Than Focus

SME vs MNC: What’s the difference? (Part 2)


Let us continue with the previous article on Small Medium Enterprise versus Multi-National Corporation. If you wish to read the first article, you can find it here:Part 1

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.07.04 pm4. Compensation
We are talking about ka-ching and benefits. It is the wrong perception that small companies don’t pay as well as bigger firms. That’s not true. Depending on your post and speciality, I do know some of the smaller local companies pay as well as the big corporations. However, I must point out smaller places do not have better work benefits. They probably will have the standard ones like minimum annual leaves, staff purchases, health insurance and maybe even car loans. Your company’s annual dinner and dance probably takes place in a restaurant preferably near your workplace.

You probably get lost in the benefits page of your HR webpage. From the extra annual leaves to comprehensive insurance for…

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