Choosing a Workstation

I decided to go to SM Shoemart at West Avenue to check on my options. Somehow since I was brought up the old school fashion way. I believed it would be better for me to check it out personally. Electroworld Intel Pentium 4 Core, 4 Core 4 GB HDD3. 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, 15.5 HD monitor, Windows 10 Home Edition SRP 17,995.00 Cash 16,500.00 Electroworld Intel NBIc x541 SA. Intel Celeron 4 GB Ram. 500 GB Harddisk Built in DVD Webcam WIFI ready, Blue tooth and Windows 10 Cash Php 14,100.00 PC Home Aspire ESI-432 Celeron Quad Core. Intel Celeron Quad Core N3450(1.10 GHz) 4 GB DDRS/500 GB HDD, Intel Integrated HD Graphics, DVD 14 inch HD Display 4 Cell Li-ion (Built-n Windows 10) Php 15,990.00

Enigma- Freelancing or Working in a Business Processing Outsource Industry?

Here are some suggestions you can follow if you find yourself in such situation. Pick Up the Pieces - After leaving the company you worked with for years. SMILE! Grab the opportunity to meditate. Get a paper and pen and write to yourself. Assess your skills, What are your positive and negative assets you could provide. Plan your activities - In my case, I have a planner. I write down my plan for the day, the week and a month.I usually use the bullet form journal, this will provide you an idea what you're priorities are Keep yourself Busy - Huh? I'm just out of the job and you are telling me to be busy? That's right, keep yourself busy. Lay out a project which you had worked on since you were at that time working.Develop and work on your current skills. Ask a close friend for their opinion about you, Socialize and keep in touch with former associates and friends. I would not recommend checking out Social Media.

Wondering Thought’s 5.26.2017 “What If?”

What If? Have you ever experience being told to come back the following week because your papers were not processed? Week after week? Then month after month? I did... It has been weeks since I wrote a blog. The truth of the matter is, I did not have my own computer to use. I was hoping…Read more Wondering Thought’s 5.26.2017 “What If?”

MLM Scams, Pyramids, Ponzi Schemes, Fads and Just Plain Bad Business Practices

I had a revealing conversation with a Network Engineer a few days ago. He tried to convince me of three things. First, he said he is an entrepreneur. It turned out that he is an employee who has never started a business. He’d traded his time (working for free) as a network administrator for a […]…Read more MLM Scams, Pyramids, Ponzi Schemes, Fads and Just Plain Bad Business Practices

SME vs MNC: What’s the difference? (Part 2)


Let us continue with the previous article on Small Medium Enterprise versus Multi-National Corporation. If you wish to read the first article, you can find it here:Part 1

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.07.04 pm4. Compensation
We are talking about ka-ching and benefits. It is the wrong perception that small companies don’t pay as well as bigger firms. That’s not true. Depending on your post and speciality, I do know some of the smaller local companies pay as well as the big corporations. However, I must point out smaller places do not have better work benefits. They probably will have the standard ones like minimum annual leaves, staff purchases, health insurance and maybe even car loans. Your company’s annual dinner and dance probably takes place in a restaurant preferably near your workplace.

You probably get lost in the benefits page of your HR webpage. From the extra annual leaves to comprehensive insurance for…

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