Reflections and Window of Opportunity

Way back in 1985, I met my first girlfriend. I was working part-time as a marketing consultant for a school in Angeles City. Helping promote a new school, funny I was not even aware that I would meet my future wife who hails from Angeles City Pampanga. I would marry her ten years later in 1995, this really shows how the past and present are interconnected. The age of computers way back in 1985 was still in its infantile stage, Internet was a dream away. Let me share some memory lane what was it like in the middle of 1980s. Events that

Wondering Thoughts 6.18.2017 Sunday D-Day! Dad’s / Father’s Day

Besides listening to Spotify while working on this article. I decided to charge my Dell Computer which was only half power charged. I had to shut her down Sunday morning  I figured I would have a busy Sunday weekend. Father's Day to us is just a simple celebration and gathering. It does not have to be expensive but simply touching base and spending time

Simplify and Strategize Your Reward Programs for Building Loyalty

Food for a Thought. Thank you Ms. Middle Me!


Is it more affordable to get new customers or retain your existing one? Usually it’s the latter, but you have to put in a real amount of effort. When you do, the benefits are tremendous. How do you get your customers to buy from you again? Quality products and customer satisfaction are definitely some aspects of it. Building customer loyalty involves more, and an integral part of this is to have a reward program in place.

Does this seem like more work to you? Actually, it isn’t as long as you go with a top-notch solution provider? There are so many companies out there that offer a reward management system based on the cloud for easy access from anywhere and any place. You can use easily use solutions of these sorts. But while at it, you’ll have to indentify your best customers, your second best ones, and so on. Accordingly…

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Yow Hoo hoow.. a Freelance Life for me

It is a regular radio program scheduled every Monday at 11:00 A.M. You can visit DWDD 1134 KATROPA RADIO at or you can listen live streaming at You may check them out at "The Bloggers Hour" at their Facebook Page The Bloggers Hour . Last month they covered the following interesting Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Bloggers -Alwin Aguirre When Kids go Video Blogging Kids and Video Blogging Intellectual Property for Bloggers -Attorney Louie Calvario I found the talks interesting and informative. Making sure I made som