Why you must stop posting every detail of your life on social media! – Calm Insights

http://calminsights.com/why-you-must-stop-posting-every-detail-of-your-life-on-social-media/?fbclid=IwAR2LKpXKuzK5TW_QOByi6ErnFlBUiZIx87NHiM6vob4uyRUdbObdSB9STj Hi Everyone, I believe in sharing your story especially if you have something to tell. I  also realize I have not written for some time. For personal reasons, I have decided to sort out many things that have been going on in my life and family for the past few months, but in due…Read more Why you must stop posting every detail of your life on social media! – Calm Insights

Freelancers – Learning Never Stops

There is an old popular saying " You can not teach an old dog new tricks". The good thing is I never believed in such saying. On the contrary, I firmly believe as long as you live-the learning process never stops. These past few months, I  keep myself busy in order not to succumb to…Read more Freelancers – Learning Never Stops

Use Your Blog To Sell Yourself

http://pekson.com/2016/07/08/use-your-blog-to-sell-yourself/ Four years ago, I met two awesome and fabulous individuals. Their names Mr. Ron Oriel Darunday Villagonzalo Business  Owner of Work@Home Philippines and Mr. Rafael Pekson II-Freelance Consultant of WorXpresso. Mr. Pekson is a co-founder of Bloggers Philippines Network. Both individuals have shared their precious time, knowledge, sharing their experience to every Filipino who would want to…Read more Use Your Blog To Sell Yourself

About Me! Nice Pointers!

https://discover.wordpress.com/2018/01/23/10-about-pages-we-love/ About Me? Not really, they say sharing is caring. I found an article informative and worth sharing. WordPress is full of rich information. Careful thoughts and ideas are written and composed by many creative and gifted writers and bloggers. Unfortunately, just like you're truly,  and many other writers. People seem to be in a…Read more About Me! Nice Pointers!

Wondering Thoughts The Wild Adventure of a Digital Nomad after a Year -November 21,2017

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com one year ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging. Wild Life and the Crossroads A few nights ago, I saw an old 2014 movie starring Ms. Reese Weatherspoon. The movie "WILD", is about a journey of a young American Lady named Cheryl. She…Read more Wondering Thoughts The Wild Adventure of a Digital Nomad after a Year -November 21,2017

Wondering Thoughts Freelancers, Content Writers and Bloggers”Thank you, All!” 10.13.2017

It is a good practice to Gather Ideas from your audience. One thing I have learned for the entire year is to read and listen to your audience.One of the articles I wrote that spiked my statistics is when I wrote about Filipino Influencers, Bloggers and Freelancers Staying Power

How to Become a Better Writer

No one is born with a silver pen in their hand, being a great writer takes time, perseverance and an education from the good old school of hard knocks. I can guarantee that your first piece will not be a masterpiece, however, if you love to write and really want to tell your story, don’t give up. I can tell you this with authority because, as with most writers, I’m living proof of what I’m telling you.