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Wild Life and the Crossroads

A few nights ago, I saw an old 2014 movie starring Ms. Reese Weatherspoon. The movie giphy (78).gif“WILD”, is about a journey of a young American Lady named Cheryl. She hikes and trekked across the harsh hot desert and climbs snowy mountains in search of herself. I guess you too can relate when there are moments when you question about life.

What interested me was how she survived and traveled the harsh heat of the desert. Cherryl carried a monstrous heavy backpack twice her size.There was numerous scene where she felt lost. I liked particularly how she paused deliberating thinking if the route she took would either lead her to safety or danger. Many a time encounter wildlife, treacherous terrains, and meeting strangers who might do her harm to get her self-killed. I love the movie which is an analogy of  Life and a Life of a Freelancer.

The Freelancers life is full of adventures. For novice beginning freelancers, there are many a time we carry too many unnecessary things which burden and hinder us from reaching our goals.

I for one had such similar experience, from taking care of my 89-year-old parents. Shuttling back and forth different places just to be with my family in Pampanga.

I had two options, either go back to the Corporate Life or search for projects or activities that giphy (74)would help finance my self and family.

These are the usual thought that crosses the mind of many who dream to work online.

There are really too many stories of Filipinos who succeeded in the Internet realm. Many have tried but only a few have reached and lived their dreams. My sibling and sister is another example. Decades ago after graduating from Ateneo De Manila. She worked with AdFormatix a local Filipino Advertising firm. After a few years, my sister transferred and wrote for the Chronicle News Paper. She was accepted at New York University, where she took her Master’s Degree. After graduating she worked in a local publication for Parental Magazine. She is currently writing and works online as a writer Editor for a Digital Magazine in the United States.

Last Saturday, I attended a Seminar/Workshop conducted by Workshop Manila and PayPal. It is heartwarming to see many young people aspiring to work online. Ms. Ginger  Palma Arboleda was no exception. She provided an insight and shared her many experiences when she started out as a Freelancer.  What drove her was her drive and passion to help out aspiring New Start-up Business. Catering specifically for Marketing and developing aspiring startup business.


What Lies Ahead?

I  look  forward to improve the  website, perhaps overhaul my approach in the different Social Media Platforms. A good idea  would be  studying current Filipino influencers in how they handle to their affairs each day in helping clients and mentoring followers. I admit I am at such crossroad. Learning how to write properly, distinguishing between blogging and writing articles. Especially centering on writing about Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization Writing and curating Marketing Content Writing.

Just sharing a couple of my thoughts, perhaps Actions speak louder than words.Thank you, everybody. And special THANK YOU WORDPRESS!

Vaya Con Dios