The Night Owl in the Digital Realm

I was under the weather for the past few weeks so I took a couple of days off. Instead, I decided to share some articles from some bloggers I found interesting. Anyway, here I am back on my feet.

Ancient Greeks paid homage to the Goddes of Athena, the owl symbolized wisdom and the pablo (40)gift of looking at the future. My niece dropped by a few months ago visiting her grandmother at Quezon City.She stayed at my Mom’s old study and admired the different owl collection.

 I only smiled and whispered softly to my niece, “You’re Nona is a Gem and very wise!”

Owls are guardians of the night. Experts say that these deadly predators hunt alone and often times kill in order to survive. The bird symbolizes mysteryUntitled design (1), usually awake from dusk to dawn.The last time I saw an owl was way back in the late Nineteen Sixties. Although the barn owl was enclosed in a small cage.  As a kid, I was awed how She stood majestically defiant,  high, and proud.

You too will utterly admire her how she stands upright proud with her grandiose look, powerful beak, and sharp deadly claws. Always ready to fly and spring out from her current habitat and fly directly to her targetted prey- if she were free from her captivity and prison.Just like the owl, I  adopted her as my official digital mascot in my website.

For the past few weeks, I had doubts what direction I was heading. I asked a friend to check out my site and was surprised with her reply. She told me how much she loved looking at the catchy pictures I posted and used on my website.  I  then followed up with a few questions, ” How do you find the contents? ” and “What do you think about the Contents?”. All I got was a blank bewildered smile and stare.

This made me wonder and doubt myself. Perhaps this is the reason ” My contents and writing are not connecting to my readers.”  Currently, I would like to personally thank all my 100 ++ followers for the support and some friendly advice and comment. For the past few weeks, I  read and checked out other websites and articles that have garnered many followers and readers. Some articles and blog are short and concise. Some articles have less than 500 words while some that are written long are specifically for a given targeted niche. Other materials possess a picture or short verse which drive a strong message corresponding to the personality of the blogger as well as the design of their site.

I see a hundred mistakes I have committed to setting up my site. I also see a hundred things I need to do to make this site work. In a way, I can relate to some bloggers and writers how much time is needed on a WordPress site.


Branding- the Pizza Story according to John 

A couple of months ago, my brother introduced me to a young awesome individual by the name of John”The Legend” Pagulayan. What caught my attention anecdotes the entire group would relate. He asked “What would make a pizza appeal to the general public?

He asked, “What would make a pizza more appealing to the general public?” One by one each individual would answer, the way the Pizza is cooked, Others would say it would be the ingredients, I answered and suggested franchise a well-known brand. Each one of us suggested different answers which he stated are all correct. Finally, before he ended the meeting he gave his answer.

Go the Market where people are hungry to buy your pizza.”. Everyone was floored and awed by the direct and profound answer. I was not aware at that time John Pagulayan gave everyone a glimpse of what he does as a Freelancer. This was the first time I heard of method called “The Ask Method by Ryan Levesque

Just like my digital mascot owl this meeting made me check out John Pagulayan especially finding out more about The ASKMethod Community

Until this is Daddy Felix, May you all have a good awesome week ahead of you.

Vaya Con Dios,

Who else but me Daddy Felix


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