Is Entrepreneurship for You?

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At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to be our own boss, and build our own business. Maybe you wanted to own a restaurant or bar. Maybe you thought of selling your paintings, or becoming a published author.

There are many paths to entrepreneurship you can take. Surely one must be right for you. Or is it? Of course it’s great to set your own hours and run your own show, but this comes at a cost.

When you work for someone else and the ship sinks, you can always bail. When it’s your ship going under it’s a whole different scenario. Can you handle the pressure? How do you know if entrepreneurship is the right path for you? Here are four main things you should consider.

Exceptional Knowledge or Skill

We live and work in a DIY market. People can learn just about any skill or talent…

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Boxing Plus Social Media equals The Battle of…

from my neighborhood exclaim that the heavens were crying, the loud thunder and clap of lightning were crying out in protest. Other would shout out "Laos Nah, Time to Retire" No my friend's Boxing is not a dying Sport. Just like the gladiators of the olden times, as long as people watch and promote Boxing and contact sport. People, especially in Social Media, will perpetually look for blood as a source of

How to drive traffic to your website

There are a lot of topics over the net about how to drive or increase traffic to your website – free and paid methods. On WordPress, engaging with others might be the one with best results. Social networking is very important too such as sharing and engaging with people there through groups (Facebook), communit