To all my friends, family, beloved followers and readersgiphy (24) in America. Taking some time off to greet each one of you a Happy Fourth of July!

In the Philippines, we celebrate and call this the Fil-American Friendship day.

Something prodded me to write down and share some of my thoughts.  Nope,  I won’t be talking about the  Filipino American Friendship day. Nor will I be talking about the Fourth of July. It would be simply easy to read about the topics in history books or easily just search the occasion through Google.

Despite the hot sunny warm uncomfortable afternoon.  While writing down my thoughts I could now see heavy to moderate dark clouds forming, the rumblings of thunder and streaks of lightning.Occasionally I could be startled with the sudden claps of loud thunder and blinding lights.

Wow,  we’re now in the month of July. Another month just past and swept us like the winds that blow to tiny granules of sands passing through the funnels of time. I just came from a lunch date with a high school buddy of mine who turned 55 years old. We had a simple lunch starting out with three main dishes-(giniling, binang goongan,and ginisang gulay) , two cups full of rice, bottomless iced tea, and two cups of coffee all for merely Php 185.00. Not bad for two old middle-aged former high school buddies catching up. I have confided with him my thoughts and fears. There are many things happening right now in our midst. As what my twin brother once shared that before our eyes we see our once active parents slowly deteriorating due to age and time. As my old high school buddy would say, guess we all go through this stage-That’s LIFE.

I figured I would play some music to accompany me while writing.  I started out with one of my old time favorite. Nice to listen to a playlist from Spotify -Guitar Haven: The Greatest Classics of All Time by Santana.

I started out with    “Sunshine of your Love “by Rob Thomas, dancing to the beat Da Dah… Dah Daah Thun Thun Dah Daha and playing the song and relishing the lyrics of a long gone era. I believe the original composer was Cream that was released in 1967 and popularized by Jimi Hendrix as well as Eric Clapton in 1990.

I love listening to old rock music, the Blues, country rock, and classical music.  I always can relate to the year and events that transpired during the given Decade. We always relate to an era with the events that transpired, the music that was played and the friends and acquaintances we shared and interacted with. Change is constant, we have to be ready always for change. I read recently that WORDPRESS has plans to migrate to a new editor. I have been reading a nice review from people and not so nice views from others.

By the way, I would like to mention about the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn. The Fight will be based in Brisbane, Austrailia, and pegged as “The Battle of Brisbane”

giphy (27).gif

Before I go, to my friends and family in the US. May you have a wonderful Fourth of July. Enjoy the Battle of Brisbane this July 2, 2017.  Just like our struggle in our daily, life, it’s’any one’s ball game.Have to shut down right now. The rain and thunder storm is now getting to be violent. Meanwhile please do take care.

Hasta La Vista and Vaya Con Dios.


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