Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

" You Don't Need to be an Entrepreneur before you start. You become an entrepreneur during the Process of your Dream" Sahar Hashemi


Wondering Thoughts 6.9.2017 Father’s Day in the Digital Realm

Father's Day is significant for me and my siblings. My grandparents told me a story. This happened in February 1945. All the bridges in Manila were being blasted by the Japanese Imperial Forces. One particular bridge called the Lambingan Bridge that was close to Sta. Ana and Kalentong were prepared to be blown up.

5.4.2017 Wondering Thought ” Moment of Realization”

Finally, it's the month of May. We experienced a few thunder storms just before April ended.We had a couple of visitors for the ASEAN meet last week. Besides a couple of rallies we experienced each May 1. Well for once , Manila celebrated Labor Day quietly. There were challenges I encountered these past  days. A…Read more 5.4.2017 Wondering Thought ” Moment of Realization”