Awesome Golden Tips for Writing Blog Posts by Neil Patel

Friday, It's June 16th. The perpetual buzzing from crickets or kuligligs has been buzzing at the right side of my window for hours. It's a hot searing lazy afternoon, not entirely though. I decided to make some changes in my approach to blogging. I am referring on the

The Second Kindle Keyboard

It's  surprisingly cool and cloudy, a welcome respite for everyone especially from the weekly hot inferno sunny summer days we have been experiencing.  I like to thank everyone who enjoyed reading my first article about my Amazon Kindle Keyboard. I used other ebook readers such as the Nook from Barnes and Noble and a local ebook…Read more The Second Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Keyboard Love Affair

  The White streak of lines showing up in the kindle keyboard. There are times the screen turns black. Time to contact Amazon Kindle support.  Three years ago, I worked in a Call Center as support for Kindle Keyboard. Receiving calls to troubleshoot concerns such as these. I inherited a keyboard from my mother five…Read more Kindle Keyboard Love Affair

The Digital Nomad 2017

Daily Changes Have you noticed anything new in the Daddy Felix Website?  I decided to create sub-level pages. It seems each time I create a new page the WordPress logo props up. Adding a notch at the upper left corner of the web-site. I was researching on additional information. One blogger suggested to check out 4…Read more The Digital Nomad 2017

TaskWorld Pending Review

Taskworld is a cloud-based collaboration platform created by Fred Mouawad. The SaaS (software as a service) is designed to facilitate project and task management, collaboration, delegation, communication, knowledge management, measure progress and provide performance metrics for evidence-based evaluations within teams The Rubik's cube has been around for decades. I have not figured out how my…Read more TaskWorld Pending Review