Essential PIM’s vs Microsoft One Notes Part 2 – Note Taking Management Solutions

  Why Note Taking is important? Back in my College days, it is common to hear the Professors say.  Bring out your pen and notebook start taking down the following Notes. Note Taking is important for any gathering, meetings or social occasion. It is essential to jot, scribble down, and write important pointers and topics which…Read more Essential PIM’s vs Microsoft One Notes Part 2 – Note Taking Management Solutions


Essential Project Information Management System Vs Microsoft One Notes For Freelancer s Part 1

Title: Essential Pims vs Microsoft OneNote For a decade I was wondering if there was an app you can use as a text editor to write a school report, a story or even a draft of a news report. I was thinking of using to write drafts or publish a document immediately. I used to…Read more Essential Project Information Management System Vs Microsoft One Notes For Freelancer s Part 1

Product Review- Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa (Aqua Blue Marine) Manila

  Amazon fire 7 (8 GB) & with Alexa Christmas came early for me on October 23,  I finally received my Kindle Fire, included in the package: is an Amazon Kindle USB Charger, Built-in rechargeable battery, and a protective Otto Sleeve plastic case protective cover.Originally I thought my sister would get me the first Kindle Fire. I…Read more Product Review- Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa (Aqua Blue Marine) Manila

My PC, My Story

I can relate to your experience. I remember the first computer I had was the Texas 99/4A. It was pretty lame and the standard during those early days. I was excited when we finally got our first IBM XT compatible. I was exactly giddy and excited, originally we were asked either to get an apple IIe or an IBM. Those were the days. All the best and thanks for the follow and support. Vaya Con Dios my friend.. and all the best things in life. Cheers!

From Nico's point of view.

Antony Agnel

Has your personal computer helped you in making your life better? Do you absolutely love technology?

Well, I should be truthful and accept that my PC has helped me in making my life better and that I absolutely love technology.

Currently I own a Notebook PC with the below configuration –

  • Inbuilt HDD – 500GB SATA
  • Memory – 4GB DDR3
  • Processor -Intel Core i3-2310M
  • Speed & Cache – 2.1GHz & 3MB respectively
  • Video Graphics – AMD Radeon HD 6490M

I got it as a present from my dad around five years back. Well, to be honest that was my first personal computer. I got to do whatever I wanted with it. It was mine and no one else had access to it.

There started our journey. I was just obsessed with it and started exploringit. It was at that time I taught myself C++ by watching many online tutorials. To…

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Emily’s App Rates: Loom


I just encountered this app last Saturday, July 29. I find the Loom app for Chrome pretty useful and helpful. Personally, I am endorsing the Loom App for Chrome which to my opinion will be used by popular digital Marketing Influencers. Heed my Words, For additional information, kindly check out Emily’s App Rates: Loom!


The Productivity Bureau

We all know you can use video for marketing your business but have you ever thought of it as a productivity tool?  I hate being on camera so, so much.  I have been doing my best to quietly avoid being filmed or having my picture taken for most of my adult life.  Over the last couple of weeks however, I have become reluctantly convinced that one day we might live in a world where we all record videos as quickly and naturally as we send an email.

This revelation hit me while I was training a new team member for one of my clients.  The other person is in a different hemisphere so teaching face to face obviously wasn’t feasible and neither was being on hand to support and answer questions during their working day.

Despite all these challenges, we’ve done an amazingly efficient hand over using a video recording…

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Wondering Thoughts 7.24.2017 State of the Nation’s Address and Current Trends on the Internet-One Typical Day

There are many exciting things simultaneously occurring. Some that would help people learn more about the Freelance World. It is now 10:49 in the evening, the evening shower just stopped. I stepped out to check on my favorite puppy Putin Bunsoy,  thinking of the events that transpired this month and thinking how these developments can help me and the rest of Filipino Freelancers.