Lenovo Yoga 720 15-inch review


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Lenovo Yoga 720 15-inch

The Windows 10 2-in-1 market is full of excellent options, ranging from detachable tablets that are incredibly thin and light, to 360-degree convertibles that function, as well as standard clamshell notebooks as they do as pen-enabled tablets. Display sizes range from less than 12 inches to 17 inches, and configurations range from power-sippers to strong productivity performers.

On the other hand, the segment has been light on higher-end components, with primarily dual-core processors and either integrated or last-generation, entry-level discrete graphics. Lenovo is stirring things up with its latest 15.6-inch 360-degree convertible, the Yoga 720 15-inch.

Powered by a speedy Intel Core i7 processor, fast DDR4 RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card, the Yoga 720 15 promises strong performance at a reasonable price (read our Yoga 720 13-inch review). In our Yoga 720 15 review we’re wondering, does its power give it…

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Dell Inspiron 3552 Product Review

The Notebook is accompanied with a detachable slim small power cord that is attached at the upper left side corner which is close to the ESC button. The Dell 3552 has a USB port, HDD Cable port a Read/ Write CD Reader which is located at the right side. And two USB port which likewise located at the right side of the computer. I decided to use a four port USB extender and attached the cable at one of the two USB port. I added an external keyboard and external mouse to the four port USB extender