The Night Owl! Events and Opportunities in the Digital Realm Update!!!

"What would make a pizza appeal to the general public? One by one each individual would answer, the way the Pizza is cooked, Others would say it would be the ingredients, I answered and suggested franchise a well-known brand. Each one of us suggested different answers which he stated are all correct. Finally, before he ended the meeting he gave his answer

Writing As a Way of Life

pablo (2)Interesting article. I have seen my mom and siblings write, so I decided to check it out. Thanks…

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Many people want to become authors these days, to be published and make a living writing fiction. And many of them work hard on their books. Yet only relatively few writers bloom into authors in the true sense of the word — dedication doesn’t guarantee success. I sometimes wonder what makes the difference between those who work hard and succeed and those who work hard and don’t.

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The Enigmatic General George S. Patton Jr -Words of Wisdom that can be used for Digital Marketing Business

The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That's the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead! -George S. Patton

Lessons learned from Structured Cabling that can be used in Digital Data Marketing Content

StructuredCabling: is defined as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (structured). A properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability,

Boxing Plus Social Media equals The Battle of…

from my neighborhood exclaim that the heavens were crying, the loud thunder and clap of lightning were crying out in protest. Other would shout out "Laos Nah, Time to Retire" No my friend's Boxing is not a dying Sport. Just like the gladiators of the olden times, as long as people watch and promote Boxing and contact sport. People, especially in Social Media, will perpetually look for blood as a source of

July and the Tiny Granules of Sand -Time

To all my friends, family, beloved followers and readers in America. Taking some time off to greet each one of you a Happy Fourth of July! In the Philippines, we celebrate and call this the Fil-American Friendship day. Something prodded me to write down and share some of my thoughts.  Nope,  I won't be talking about…Read more July and the Tiny Granules of Sand -Time

Wondering Thoughts 6.30.2017 One typical day in a life of a W@H Nomad

One Typical Day You can relate... Woke up around 7:30 in the morning after hearing a loud argument between my mother and some caregiver. To appease both parties, I helped carry my 89-year-old mother to her wheelchair. Grabbed a cheese sandwich, worked on my laundry and house choirs. Charged both my Android device and Dell Desktop.…Read more Wondering Thoughts 6.30.2017 One typical day in a life of a W@H Nomad