Snow Bing =Food Bloggers Add Korean Pop Music Plus Bingsu Korean Ice Refreshments Awesome and Delightful

      Snowbing Korean Cafe Located on the Upper Ground Floor Main Building SM City North EDSA Bago Bantay Quezon City. Snowbing Korean Cafe   open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Last week my first mentor at Work@Home sounded off. Who is available on Monday? I was looking forward to meeting up with Mr. Ron Oriel…Read more Snow Bing =Food Bloggers Add Korean Pop Music Plus Bingsu Korean Ice Refreshments Awesome and Delightful

Pine City 24 Hours of Strawberries and Pine Trees

I think of Strawberries.I remember the sweet, succulent soft juicy melting in my mouth... I remember savoring each moment especially something that is etched in my younger years. Somehow, I recall the scent of fresh scented pine trees, abundant brittle light cones growing abundantly in  tall bright light green pine trees. I loved mixing my fresh strawberries with enormous corn flakes coming from Post Exchange(PX) giant American Kellog crunchy cereal. Mixed with Real fresh milk.

What Summer Means…

    Botolan Zambales is known for its beauty and simplicity. Zambales is widely noted for its mangoes which are abundant from January to April. We arrived on March 24, we were greeted with colorful bougainvilleas which flourished around the neighborhood. The flowers were spliced with different colors such as orange, peach, pink and violet. The…Read more What Summer Means…

Quezon Circle , Wing Chun and other Stories

The World of Daddy Felix

Republic Act 6741 shall be known at Quezon City Day.Every August 19 will be declared a special non working holiday in Quezon City, provinces of Quezon and Aurora while a special working holiday is declared through out the Philippines It commemorates the birth of former President Manuel L. Quezon. It was declared by the late former President CORAZON C.AQUINO on August 4,1989.

I can not think of no other  better day to proudly introduce Sifu Jamie Cortez  to the First President of the Commonwealth . Sifu Jamie Cortez was born in the Philippines and raised   in the United Kingdom most of his life.

Mr. Ronni Grunwald meanwhile is a German national who frequently goes to Quezon Circle to practise the art of Wing Chun with our group.

There are a number of things you can do at Quezon Circle. Besides frolicking at the park. Watching  lovers holding  hands, and family spending…

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Baybayin Filipino and Coconut in Coconut House



The World of Daddy Felix

Coconut House is located inside Quezon Memorial Circle. A friend of mine asked me to meet up with him. I was half an hour early so I decided to order a cup of coffee. The first thing I noticed when I tasted their coffee I told myself…hmmm good .

Deep and sighing “Ahhhn…Masarap”, I later asked for sugar and was served instead with  coconut sugar which are packed  in tiny brown sachets . I learned later from friends and family coconut sugar is a healthier alternative.

My friend Sifu Jamie Cortez of Wingchun finally arrived ,though a Filipino at birth he grew up practically in London. The first thing he asked me  curiously was about the scribbles he saw written on the walls of Coconut House. I explained  it is called Filipino Baybayin or Ancient Tagalog scripts of pre-colonial Philippines.

As the afternoon passed  I began scanning around the walls of…

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Opportunities and Moments

Took a picture of the Yacht Club in  Subic Base Special Economic Zone while the vehicle  was running at 40 miles per hour. It was more of a split second decision for me to  take it or loose the picture. The funny thing is I used an old  Blackberry Curve 9700 as a makeshift camera.  …Read more Opportunities and Moments

Blue Rocket Cafe and Restaurant

Blue “We are about good food and coffee.And abstract latte art” -So true in their description. A neighbor and old batch mate Einar Caro from Don Bosco Mandaluyong High School called me up early in the morning to discuss some urgent matter. He told me he wanted to check out a cool place called The […]…Read more Blue Rocket Cafe and Restaurant