Personal and Digital Marketing Metamorphosis

There were instances when the call center agent would miss family occasions and events from love ones. Others would exclaim that the Call Center Industry is a dead end job, meaning the work are only for those who are almost in their senior age or young under graduates who have no option to feed their family. The list and negative view dragged on and on...

The Night Owl! Events and Opportunities in the Digital Realm Update!!!

"What would make a pizza appeal to the general public? One by one each individual would answer, the way the Pizza is cooked, Others would say it would be the ingredients, I answered and suggested franchise a well-known brand. Each one of us suggested different answers which he stated are all correct. Finally, before he ended the meeting he gave his answer

Wondering Thought’s -Your Health and Libreng Pagamot “Free Medicine.7.8.2017 UPDATE

A thought just occurred to me, this program should be properly decimated to every young and old professional.  I am referring to those working in the Business Processing Outsourcing Centers or Call Centers as well as Freelancers.  This information should be good to know especially if you value your health and your life.

July and the Tiny Granules of Sand -Time

To all my friends, family, beloved followers and readers in America. Taking some time off to greet each one of you a Happy Fourth of July! In the Philippines, we celebrate and call this the Fil-American Friendship day. Something prodded me to write down and share some of my thoughts.  Nope,  I won't be talking about…Read more July and the Tiny Granules of Sand -Time

Wondering Thoughts -Time and a Tale of Two Boy’s 6.26.2017

A New Beginning Can you recall the first time you graduated from college or a program? You hear yourself and fellow students. Screaming in delight? Screaming at the top your lungs like in the epic movie of Mel Gibson Braveheart. -FREEDOM!!! Freedom from assignments, freedom from school projects, freedom from waking up early in the…Read more Wondering Thoughts -Time and a Tale of Two Boy’s 6.26.2017

Wondering Thoughts 6.18.2017 Sunday D-Day! Dad’s / Father’s Day

Besides listening to Spotify while working on this article. I decided to charge my Dell Computer which was only half power charged. I had to shut her down Sunday morning  I figured I would have a busy Sunday weekend. Father's Day to us is just a simple celebration and gathering. It does not have to be expensive but simply touching base and spending time