Somewhere in the Old Seminary the Katipunan was discovered in 1896
One of the many pictures you will find at the Pamintuan Museum

The Philippine Revolution 1896

Envy and jealousy today seem to be the one of the many reason why foundations fall and organizations falter. This was true even way back in 1896.

Back at that period there were rumors of a secret society that was going around. There were no evidence of the Secret Society that even existed.

On August 19, 1896; A KKK member Teodoro Patino revealed to his sister ,Honoria, confessing about the existence of the Society. The Kataas Taasan Kagalinggan Katipunan Ng Anak ng Bayan or simply the KKK was discovered.

It took almost four long years when the Society was discovered. Andres Bonifacio El Supremo ; founded the Society on July 7, 1892 in a house in Azcarraga Street (Now known as Claro M, Recto)

The Philippine Revolution began in August 1896, when the Spanish authorities discovered the Katipunan, an anti-colonial secret organization.

The Katipunan, led by Andrés Bonifacio, was a liberationist movement whose goal was independence from the 333 years of colonial control from Spain through armed revolt .

The Pamintuan Mansion

The Original Historical Pamintuan Mansion and renovated Estate

Fast forward 2019

January 18th my batch mates and I celebrated our 40th-Ruby Anniversary of our highs school. I feel lucky and blessed to visit and live in places where many historical events took place. I am referring to two places. These are : The Don Bosco Mandaluyong and the second is the Pamintuan Mansion in located in Santo Entierro Street in Angeles City Pampanga.

For the past twenty years I had planned to drop by the museum and check out the place. Perhaps I was just too busy . There was even a time the Central Bank of the Philippines held office at the esteemed mansion. Funny, I find it really amusing I had to drop by an old classmate of mine from High School. My buddy Arnold lived a stone away from the Pamintuan Mansion.

The Pamintuan Mansion is now known as The Museum for Social Science and History of the Philippines.

First things First

I was reading the historical marker when one of the guard greeted me with a bright smile. Later proceeded after I asked how much was the entrance fee. The guard quickly exclaimed just to register at the log book; He was kind and courteous to guide me and instructed me proceed to the back of the building.

As you enter the premise ; it would seem as if you travel back in time. This makes me wonder way back in 1898 how the late Heneral Antonio Luna made preparations to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Philippine Independence and at the same time working out plans with his officers on the defense of Pampanga against the Americans.

The Pamintuan Museum is segregated to different Galleries. The ground floor gives the viewers and visitors on what life was like during the 1896 way of life and life style. Let’s take the Masters Bedroom as an example. I love the layout of the furniture. The bed is similar to the bedroom of my grandfather house in Felix Huertas at Sta Cruz Manila. Each bed bears the Initials of it’s fore-owners. The room has a high ceiling; very cool and cozy this makes me want to rest and take a nap. If the walls can only speak; perhaps there are many stories the house can tell what transpired in the past 150 years of the Pamintuan Estate.

Each room and gallery speaks of stories of the Filipinos of the past.

Each picture speaks of the different class; the way they dressed and wore their attire. Below is a picture of a family or group of friends; perhaps taking their time enjoying the scenery of what was once called “The Pearl of the Orient”

Millennial and the young would ask ” What can they learn from the Pamintuan Museum”. The answer is “Yes, there are many things you can learn about the Filipinos of the Past” This was the time when Nationalism and the Filipino Identity was born. From the awakening of Andres Bonifacio disillusion of the La Liga Filipina. To the birth of a Nation now unified against Colonial oppression.


The First Philippine Independence celebration headed by General Antonio Luna
in June 12,1896

It has been 123 years .Gone now are the dreams and aspirations of the Katipunan and our Filipino fore fathers. What’s passed on today is a rich culture, tradition, practices and the indomitable Filipino Spirit geared today and passed now on to a new generation of Filipinos.

Come and visit the Pamintuan Mansion.

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