Hands on with Writer Plus

Writer Plus or Writer P app is simple to use.

A few minutes ago I shared the general 😱 features of then Writer Plus or Writer P.

I use my Kindle πŸ”₯ Fire for work. I am a πŸ”‘ believer of writing or working on articles on a standalone mode. As a blogger or Writer you can conserve the power πŸ”‹of the Kindle πŸ”₯Fire and; secondly you can concentrate on you’re work. By all means you will accomplish more without any kind of distraction especially in Standalone mode.

Let me share my findings with Writer Plus or Writer P. I would go to any cozy Cafe; order a large cup of my favorite latte to sip and drink. Sit on a well lighted corner and begin writing. Right now ,I decided to settle on resting in my room lying flat on my back in bed. Than switch on a radio πŸ“» and start working on my thoughts.

Installation of the Writer P

You can find the app either at Google App or the Amazon App Store. Before installing check out if you’re devise is compatible with the app. As long as you receive a message :

“You’re devise is compatible with the app”

Go ahead and proceed to install.

Installing the Writer Plus on a Kindle πŸ”₯ is a breeze. You can install the writing app on any tablet or smartphone.

After installing the Writer Plus App. First thing that caught my eyes πŸ‘€ is a short article:

“Welcome to Writer Plus”

Let us go to interesting part. On the upper right side of the navigation panel you will find the following icons. These are:

1. Magnifying glass icon – To search
2. Folder icon – Writer Plus gives you the option to create Sub folders so you may save you’re files on the subject you are working on.
3. Sort Icon- You have three options these are:
3.1 Ascending (A-Z)
3.2 Descending (Z-A)
3.3 Last Modified
4. Night πŸŒ™ mode and Settings.

Writer Plus is simple to use. You can use the app either on a Standalone Mode or when you are in WI-FI. I rarely connect to a hotspot primarily to conserve the battery.of my Kindle πŸ”₯Fire.

As soon as you finish with you’re article. Writer Plus automatically saves your work. Now, You can share you’re work on WordPress or different Social Media Platforms.


Writer Plus App is a simple Writing application for people who love πŸ’˜ to write and share their content. Yes, I do admit I use different writing apps and each app has their Pros and Cons.

Please feel free to share you’re thoughts.

Thanks for dropping by

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