There is an old popular saying ” You can not teach an old dog new tricks”. The good thing is I never believed in such saying. On the contrary, I firmly believe as long as you live-the learning process never stops.

These past few months, I  keep myself busy in order not to succumb to depression.  My siblings tell me we all to go through certain phases.

This is what you call Life…

The right thing to do is to move on.

And this I did, I decided to invest on myself and head back to school.

No silly, not the traditional school where you face a blackboard and wear the usual polo shirt and short brown Khachi pants.

At my age, I could not afford to relearn the basics and rudiments of my  ABC’s.

Instead, I made the decision to enroll in the Social Media Acadamy.

sma stories


The Social Media Academy is a power cast spearheaded by a jolly and charismatic founder Mr. Nix Eniego and an equally, energetic and charming co-founder Ms. Melissa Profeta. 

giphy (57)

At present, the Social Media Acadamy has a strong support of 10,370 members. I encourage anyone aspiring to learn from  I  consider the best practitioners of Freelancing and Social Media in the Philippines.

See you there…

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