Good Morning! Each day we wake up, we are given an opportunity to grab the day. Each one of us is faced with choices. Some lucky individuals are gifted making an impact on change for themselves. While most, like you’re trully, live each day in sheer drudgery. It is like driving a car on a dark long freeway. Taking each moment following the headlights of our vehicle. Concentrating and looking only at what the light shows before us. Familiar, right?

A few months ago this year, our family lost first our Dad last April 7at the age of 89. The light and joy of our clan, our mother. Passed away at the age of 90.

Yes, it is sad. But these are just part and facts of life. My twin and I were lucky to serve, help and assist. Making the last few months easier in transitioning our parents towards the direction of perpetual eternal life. The tasks that lay before my siblings and I are enormous and mind-boggling. Decisions and actions have to be done. Not only for an entire clan but our individual families as well.

Transitioning from the Corporate Life to Freelancing to many is hard, difficult and life-changing. People do not welcome change especially since they are comfortable with what they have and familiar with. As I write down my thoughts. I have switched on my radio, choosing business radio. Listening to a classic concerto. At the same time picking up my Kindle Fire. Activated the Jotterpad App. Now writing my heart away, reminisce about the past when both our parents were once alive and now contemplating what to do with the rest of my life.

There is a popular phrase: “What Comes First? The chicken or the Egg?”. Sounds funny, each day we wake up following up on activities and tasks needed to be done and achieve. I decided to switch to Standalone Mode, working on the Kindle Fire. Writing down my plan of action. What do I need to do to make myself productive?

  • First things first! Write down what is needed to be done.
  • Second House Keeping, One can not work on activities or daily tasks especially what you have around you. Chaos, an untidy environment and perpetual no sense of direction will not get you anywhere.
  • Finally, Decide and act immediately. Use the “Steam Roller Strategy”; the late flamboyant and notorious World War 2 giphy (38)American General George S. Patton was known to be a man of action. Facing insurmountable chaos of Death and destruction. General Patton was one of the leaders rallying his men and Third Army in liberating Europe from the clutches of the Nazi.

I admit in a way I felt very much at lost when I lost both my parents. Luning Bonifacio Ira, our mother. Was a perpetual energetic and positive individual. She always took care of the family, to the extent of forgoing her happiness. For the sake of her husband and children. For these, I am perpetually grateful.

In away, depression has made me will and hide in a corner. Contemplating what action in needed to be done. Let me share something my Mother once said :

We as parents are stewards, there comes a time we need to take ACTION! These are what we call CHANGING of the Guard. Taking over the needs of our parents.

Last Friday, I visited my family from Pampanga. My wife informed me our daughter decided to drop out of college. The first impression? of course We were disappointed ed and horrified. On the other hand? Wait a minute, it is her life, let us pause. Perhaps as parents, we were pushing our daughter to a course she did not want to take.

I figured, there were  opportunities to show what it is like in working as a Freelancer. Good thing my wife’s niece has been working with BizMates. This is a company owned by a Japanese National who helps reach people who would like to learn how to communicate in the English Language.

Good Idea? I thought. My daughter and I sat on the floor. Watching Marivic, go through her routine. Tutoring, talking and engaging her Japanese client.

In a way, I was beginning to recall my days working on a call center. There is a BIG difference. In a call center, you have peers, a Team Leader (TL),  Operations Manager (OM) and others you could get in touch if you have concerns. In short, you are employed or plainly an employee of an organization.

Marivic like many FREELANCERS take charge of their lives working at home

Two thoughts about this experience. One, I was showing and hoping to teach my daughter the possibility to work online. My mistake, I forgot to discount, my daughter had to have the Passion and INTEREST in order for her to be independent.

Reflecting 😔 back, way around in the early Seventies decade. Luning Bonifacio Ira, my late mother. Was guiding me and my siblings in a world of Writers. Only my two sisters followed in my mom’s footsteps. For me, I guess I will contend to write as a blogger.

That is all for now. Thank you for your the time in reading. Ciao for now…

Who Else but me

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