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HypnoTherapy? What is it? 

A teenager lost his mother. He was sad, constantly cried and was inconsolable. One evening he cried himself to sleep. The young lad woke up and had a vision. Slowly, he picked up his guitar and composed a beautiful, iconic song called -Let It Be. I am referring to no less than former famous Band member of the Sixties Era, no other than  British Beatle band member: Sir James Paul  McCartney.

Other kids who experience losing either parent at a young age might not fare well.  Young kid sad experience could carry over until their adult life. Unless treated by a counselor, confident or medical professional. A loss of someone you love. May lead to depression.

Famous Writer, Speaker, And Influencer Napoleon Hill said :

“What the Mind Conceived and Believe. The Body will Achieve”

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Every day, we experience many things, Our lives change and behavior change, many times our thoughts are triggered by unforeseen and uncontrollable variables. These variables may be caused by either people, places you go to or Force Mejure

In a Professionals work environment such as a company or corporation, we encounter stress. Other times In most unexpected moment in certain places, we encounter violence and trigger altercation we experience-Psychological Trauma.  People with Hormonal Problems: Hormonal imbalance might trigger or cause  –Bipolar Disorder. To appease our mood and personal gratification some people would indulge in Alcohol abuse, Substance Abuse or drug dependency, Tobacco, or Sexual permissiveness- we call this Addiction.

Our Mind is an integral and an important organ of our body. It is our primary computer that processes our thought patterns. Our Mind dictates how we behave and deal with our daily lives and how to interact and deal with different people.

Nice but what has this got to do with HypnoTherapy? A friend of mine requested me for a write-up about the topic. I was supposed to cover a Session at Centric Eaton which was about HypnoTherapy for Bipolar and Depression. Hypnotherapy maybe an Alternative or Complementary approach for treating individuals.



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Close Encounter with Hypnosis and HypnoTherapy

I was looking forward to attending a formal Hypnotherapy Session. Unfortunately, this was the same day my 90-year-old bedridden dementia-afflicted mother was discharged from the hospital. And Come to think of it, it was only this year I heard about HypnoTherapists.

HypnoTherapy comes from two words Hypnosis and Therapy. The practice of Hypnosis has been around since the time of Ancient Egypt. My closest experience I had was when my Psychiatrist uncle from Vermont was prodded by my mom to talk to my late father. My dad underwent a few session and was hypnotized so he could quit smoking. He stopped and kicked the nasty habit and lived to the age of 89.

My second encounter was when I turned Fifty Years old. I was on my way to work one Black Saturday. I was mobbed by three uncouth individuals. One had his arm around my neck. While the two other guys had an eight-inch balisong knife one pointing to my back and the other one pointing to my groin. I’m short Of course I was petrified with fear.

Certain People who experience violent incidents such as these have flashbacks. Medical Professionals insist It is advisable to  for the victim or subject to undergo Psychological Debriefing


Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and Therapeutic Intervention. I encountered a couple of sessions from a friend named David. I confided to him and told my issue. Noticed that I was doing most of the talking. After talking for almost an hour, David started asking me questions. Pointing out pointers what was affecting me and my day to day life. The experience is similar to talking to a counselor, pointing out how I felt, what I can do to isolate the problem. Come to think of it, I noticed that this was similar to a mentor who specialized in eMail CopyWriting. Perhaps in the future, I could write about the topic.

I was beginning to wonder how did HypnoTherapy start in the Philippines.

Conversation with NLP and Hypnosis Philippines

I had a nice chat with NLP and Hypnosis Philippines. These are just some of the questions about HypnoTherapy in the Philippines. These are the answers I was provided.

Q: How did Hypnotherapy start in the Philippines?

A: The first HypnoTherapist in the Philippines is the late  Fr. James C. Bulalatao SJ of the Ateneo De Manila University. He is the first notable HypnoTherapist in the Philippines. Father Bulalatao thaught Hypnosis and did some research on the subject.

The Department of Psychology of the Ateneo De Manila paid tribute and wrote about the late Fr James C. Bulalato Society of Jesus Wrote

 The Department of Psychology says about Fr Bu:

Fr. Bulatao introduced group dynamics in the Philippines and wrote The Technique of Group Discussion (1965). He advocated the importance of understanding of the Filipino psyche, and undertook studies on Filipino culture, and the phenomena of spirituality and consciousness.  This led to his seminal Phenomena and their Interpretation: Landmark Essays 1957–1989 (1992).

As a clinical psychologist, Fr. Bu aimed to find the kind of therapy best suited for Filipinos, experimenting with different alternatives that combined both his knowledge of Western methods and his understanding of the local culture. He used hypnosis to understand these occurrences and other related paranormal phenomena such as ESP, clairvoyance, and telepathy.  Fr. Bu undertook experiments about altered states of consciousness and taught hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In 2000, he published the book Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  At the turn of the century, he devoted most of his time grounding his thoughts about relationships through numbers and quantitative methods.

Q: How different is the approach of Psychometricians or Psychologists?

A: Hypnotherapy is a method of PsychoTherapy; meaning it’s a method of therapy that a Psychiatrist Psychologist or a properly trained layperson could do given the proper training. Other psychotherapy included cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt Therapy etc, and HypnoTherapy is part of PsychoTherapy.

Q: What makes the practice of a Hypnotherapist compared to a Medical Practitioner; such as a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist?

A: HypnoTherapist deals with the Unconscious Mind and most of the time the root problem of the unconscious mind


The practice of Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is here to stay. The World Health Organization (WHO) made a study that 1 in 5 people suffer from mental health problems. Hypnotherapy may or may not work on certain individuals. It is best not to self-medicate and instead confide with your nearest family doctor or professional medical practitioner. In the end, the life you may save might be yours or a loved one.