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It has been a few days since our Internet has been acting up. Decided to use my time in a productive way. It is 6:05 in the evening, the darkness of the night is slowly creeping. I hear some birds sweetly tweeting welcoming the evening in delight.

A few days ago I made the foolish mistake of connecting my High Density (HD) cable from my Dell Computer 3552 to my Chang Chong LED. I did not realize I have not removed my multi-component cable jacks of my DVD player from my 32-inches Chang Chung Television. Literally, my 32-inches Chang Chung died on me. Good grief I think I overloaded my television and gave it a Cardiac Arrest.

Tools Or Toys?


My late 89-year-old-man once told me. Android Devices and LED televisions are plainly glorified toys people use mainly for games and personal entertainment. Of course, we always end up arguing, Android Devices, LED television, and Computer laptops can be used in productive ways. Young Professionals or yuppies and Many Millenials use their hard earn money to purchase these devices mainly for games and Social Media. I encountered only a few who would utilize these wonderful devices as an extension of their thoughts primarily for business.

Monitor: CHANG CHONG LED32C2000

My Review for the Changchong LED32C2000 is overdue. I recalled purchased this blessed television back in January of 2013. Originally, I used the 32-Inch television as a family entertainment in watching DVD movies and watching the news I found using the LED32C2000 useful in magnifying my screen For laptops.



Just like any ordinary common 32-inches-LED television. I used a power antenna extender. Nope, I did not connect to a cable network, mainly because I felt this would stress and deteriorate the television. Instead, I watch my favorite news channels like CNN Philippines Channel 9, GMA- Channel 7, UHF Channels (21,23,25,31 and 37)

Power Extender Antennae Booster was sufficient enough for watching my favorite channels. I do admit there where certain times I encounter snowflaked and pixilated screen.

A High Density (HD) cable would be a great solution to connect to your Laptop computer. My first laptop was an 11-inch Netbook Gateway. This was entirely great in magnifying my screen especially when I connect with friends and clients when I use Skype or the Zoom App for teleconferencing.


Devise Cross Integration

My first experiment is using my old reliable Samsung 5.0 Wifi. I used an App called Essential PIM (Essential Project Information Manager). When my Samsung device crashed. I experimented and used different apps like Jotterpad App, Microsoft One Notes to write my drafts.

It is 6:58 in the evening. At the moment I am using the Jotterpad spp in my Kindle Fire Tablet. It is advisable to turn off you’re current WI-FI mode. Instead use the Standalone Mode,.Mainly to prolong the use of the Kindle Fire Tablet power.

After writing this article I will activate the SHARE Option of JotterPad App to Connect to my WordPress Account.

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Gadgets, Android Phones, and LED Televisions are tools that can be used to be productive as a Freelancer. As my late father would say these gadgets are glorified tools which usually do not last long. To me, these glorified toys are good investments especially if you utilize these devices as productive tools that could help you in your daily lives as means of communications.

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