Kindle 8th Generation From Amazon


The Kindle 8Th Generation arrived last October 25,2017. This compact but magnificent device was given to my late father as a replacement for the old Kindle Keyboard. My old man used the Kindle Keyboard for several years. I  found out later the old Kindle Keyboard could easily lose its power charge after two hours.

My first impression of the Kindle 8Th Generation? I just adore the packaging, the device came with a light blue cover. I had to push the black cover in order to retrieve the device. I then proceeded to pick up a cutter to slice the white seal which had a set of barcodes.

As soon as I picked up the Kindle, I was amazed how much lighter this Kindle was compared to the kindle keyboard. I then proceeded to carefully examine the gadget. The Kindle 8Th Generation comes with a USB charging cable, a built-in rechargeable battery not to mention of course the Amazon personalized Special offers and sponsored screensavers.

First things first are to look for the switch. I checked and looked at the bottom of the Kindle. I found the USB charging port, carefully pressed the power switch button for a split second. I noticed that a tiny yellow light at the middle portion slightly flashing, cool!

The tiny light indicator is between the USB power charge port and the power button switch.

As soon as the Kindle 8Th Generation sprang to life. I saw three vertical black periods at the right side. Proceeded to press the icon, and then a pull-down menu showed up. I clicked on the Settings option. I saw and located the WI-FI & Bluetooth option. As soon as I activated and connected to our  WI-Fi. I found it easy to register the 2nd Kindle to my Fathers Amazon Kindle Account.

One thing I really noticed with the Kindle 8Th Generation is the Touch Screen display of the device. I found the Touch Screen display much sensitive than my Kindle Fire Device, it’s just my opinion. I find this feature pretty good.

I  highly recommend the Kindle 8Th Generation to all my friends and family who love reading Kindle ebooks coming from Amazon. To me,  the 4GB  Internal memory is sufficient enough to save and read you’re favorite Amazon ebooks.

As for the Old Kindle Keyboard of my late father. I later found out there was really nothing wrong with the device. The Kindle Keyboard had only to be sufficiently charged.

I used the charger coming from Amazon, this did the trick


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