Freelancers work anywhere, as long as they are connected to a hot-spot. A comfortable and cozy place to work in. Not to mention the needed conducive spot. You can say you are good to go, enjoy the ambiance and start working.

But what if? You are in a private room in a hospital and given the task to take care of a family member? Right now, I am in such situation.

I decided to hit two birds with one stone so to speak.Write a review about the Asus E-2 and check if I could synchronize two gadgets such as the Kindle Fire Devise and connect harmoniously to an Ubuntu platform. I decided to bring my Kindle Fire Tablet, The Asus E-2 15 inches Ubuntu Laptop, My old BlackBerry 9700 Curve and reliable ancient Nokia phone.

Setting Up

For music, I decided to use the Cable facilities of the private room. Switched to MY2 For music. It is now past 1:36 pm, decided to check on the food provided for me. Let me see, Fried Chicken drumstick, scallops, two pieces of baked oysters, cauliflowers with mayonnaise, a bowl of mushroom soup, and a slice of cake for dessert. Hmm not bad.

Just before taking my late lunch, decided to set up the E-2 Asus. At first, I was having issues connecting to a hot-spot.Note: I am very much against connecting to a public WI-Fi, especially for security reasons. Figure this would be the best time to put the Asus E-2 Ubuntu Security to test. Perhaps check on the security of the Laptop and find out if it is that reliable. The battery of The Asus E-2 had to be constantly connected. Since I arrived, the Laptop had not activated the sleep mode.

The E-2 Asus AND HDMI 15 inches Laptop

The Asus E-2 AMD HMDI is a second-hand laptop that is running under Ubuntu. At the moment I decided to use my Kindle Fire Tablet, Activated the Jotterpad App in order to write my draft. As soon as I am done, I will attempt to share the blog. This will be the first time I will see if my work could be synchronized and transferred to the Asus E-2. I decided to step out of the Hospital so I could further check if I could work remotely elsewhere.

I have written previously a blog about WI-fi connectivity and security. Good thing the current room where I am at has a LOS or what we call a Line Of Site. Transmission and Internet is stable. But I would require to constantly log on to their Hot-spot.

The weather this Sunday is highly intolerable. Unlike previous days we experience heavy thunderstorm s. But today seems to be a different story.

As soon as I got back to the 6th Floor. The E-2 Asus Ubuntu went into a sleep mode. I had to log back in, Chad the caregiver, advised me that we are currently experiencing an intermittent connection to the hot-spot. I had expected this to happen. Before going up to the sixth floor, I noticed the Hospital complex had some few amenities such as a cafe lounge, An ATM Security Bank Kiosk and a couple of food stall s such as Merced, Pizza Hut, and other minor food stalls.


Cool Things You Can Do with Ubuntu

Going back to the E-2.

After logging back to the E-2, I was logged out from my daughter’s account Had no recourse to log-in to the Guest Account. Using Ubuntu was far more than easy to use than I thought. By default Mozilla Firefox is the default browser. All the icons by default can be found on the vertical left side of the screen.

Unlike in Windows 7 and Windows 10. The systems time is located at the upper right side of the screen. You can also find the WI-FI icon, Battery icon indicator, and volume control. The Gear icon when clicked on gives you other information :

  •  About This Computer
  •  Ubuntu Help
  • Systems Settings
  •  Switch Account
    – Guest Session
    – User A
    – User B
    – User C
  •  Log Out
  •  Suspend
  • Shut Down

You can find the icon of the Browser at the left side of the Vertical Line. All other Ubuntu Apps can be found and located in this area.

The E-2 Asus

The Asus Ubuntu 15 inches laptop is small, compact and not heavy. Ideally, you can use this marvelous tool as a browser, Basic  Administrative, And check on Various Social Media Platforms. I believe this laptop can be utilized for Start-Up and those who are beginning in the Freelance world. I am happy with the performance of the Asus E-2 Ubuntu. Despite the drawback of poor Internet Connection, the E-2 Asus can perform administrative tasks.

Working as a freelancer in a hospital setting is difficult. There were many times you need to log back in. Not to mention the frequent visitors such as nurses, doctors, Orderlies and Medical personal helping the patient and respective family. Yes, you can work on a hot-spot in a hospital, Yes you can be busy and make your time productive while you are with a loved one who needs your attention.


Just sharing my experience while I write a review about the ASUS E-2 Ubuntu. Working on the Asus E-2 was an educational experience for me. I am still a die-hard fan of Windows. I guess learning something new especially using a different Platform would be useful in the future.

I enjoyed writing and working on some tasks during my stay in the hospital. Really enjoyed using my handheld tablet in exploring the Network infrastructure of the Medical Complex. My objectives were two-fold:

  1.  To work on Articles and projects that were needed to be done
  2.  Personal- Transmitting Medical Reports and status of my Mother to relatives who are in the US. So that the family could be guided on what course of action can be done.

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