Old Manila Jockey Club

The Old Manila Jockey Club circa 1970


– is a Greek Word τετέλεσται meaning “It is finished”, which according to St John, are the last words of Jesus on the cross. My Dad, Renato Salumbides Ira, passed away at the age of 89 quietly on his sleep on a warm Saturday afternoon just last April 7,2018. We were about to attend the third Sunday mass just after Easter. Our father had survived and cheated death many a time, friends and family were beginning to think and believe my Dad was indestructible. 

But this time due to numerous visits and too many operations,the old man had in  the hospital. This has taken much of a toll on his health. By May 7, the family will be celebrating a month of his absence from this mortal world.  And for a month I was contemplating if it would be proper to write and share about the life and death of my Dad. For a month I was contemplating on blogging about death and the celebration of a life. This is the only time I have the opportunity to write down my thoughts and what I feel.


The Philippines will be celebrating Fathers Day on June 20,2018. I decided to write about my Dad and Father’s Day in advance to commemorate his life and the life all Fathers, Dads, Itay, Tatang, Pop- regardless what endearing name you may call your father.  Just like all fathers, my old man possessed many characters and personality which you may love or personally bitterly hate. My Dad was no exception. At this moment I am conducting a housekeeping of the entire family estate. It was really hard when I attempted to work online while taking care of myself and my immediate family.

I got to realize now that loosing once Father is hard. Our family is currently taking care of our 89-year-old Dementia bedridden mother. My twin brother had to sacrifice his dental practice in order to take care of the needs of our home and mother. Not to mention immediate arrangements needed to contact the Lawyers, Banks, Family Estate and  Insurance. While you’rs truly had to take care of Logistics, maintenance, and operation of the household. The family had people who were dedicated and stayed with my parents for almost a decade. My siblings and I had to figure out a way to make things work. At the moment I and my twin brother are based in Manila while my three other siblings are based in the United States.

Freelancing on Hold

Life working as a Freelancer is terrific and great especially if the Freelancer has created a business System that runs on its own. As a freelancer, people are too engrossed in doing great in earning well. The real essence and reason why people transition from the Corporate world to the Freelance Industry mainly is to be with their family and children. After my Dad was hospitalized and discharged from the hospital I was thinking of going back to work online taking care of my clients and friends who were soliciting my services. I was wrong…

April 7, 2018, was the day my daughter graduated as the first Batch of K-12. I was instructed by my father to monitor his condition. My father had I was told a simple procedure. To my understanding, this was similar to a Shock Wave Lithotripsy or SWL. In lay man’s terms simply blasting the kidney stones. Since last year, my dad was having issues with his bladder and had seen a Urologist. Two weeks before his operation, my Dad had many sleepless nights whether he should undergo the procedure. I would like to add that our father was a Twenty-Three Year old Quadruple Heart Bypass Survivor.

Anyone his age would be petrified with fear Of death.Especially at the thought of leaving his wife who had been married since 1955. Dad’s thoughts were always the welfare of the family and what system he imposed just before his passing.

What is shock wave lithotripsy?

Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL) is the most common treatment for kidney stones in the U.S. Shock waves from outside the body are targeted at a kidney stone causing the stone to fragment. The stones are broken into tiny pieces. lt is sometimes called ESWL: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy®.

These are what the words mean:

  • extracorporeal: from outside the body
  • shock waves: pressure waves
  • lithotripsy (the Greek roots of this word are “litho” meaning stone, “tripsy” meaning crushed)

It has been now twenty-four days since my Dad’s passing, funeral, cremation, and final In-Urnment at a Columbarium at New Manila Quezon City. My three siblings have flown back to their respective homes back in the United States. While my twin brother and I are taking our turns taking care of our 89-Year-Old Mother. My dad showed me and the family that regardless how prepared you are. Regardless of what system you place while you are still alive. No matter what provisions you may place, there is always a possibility that you as a family member will still feel the loss and pain of a Love one.

Rest well now Dad, you have done well…

Teltelestei – It is Done.

4 thoughts on “Teltelestei – It is Done.

  1. The Old Manila Jockey Club was just in front of the old Ira residence at Felix Huertas. Both Structures have survived the onslaught death and destruction of World War II. Both structures, unfortunately, were dismantled and erased from memory due to progress. The old Manila Jockey Club in place was built the Shoe Mart at Felix Huertas. Really such a waste….


  2. My condolences. My parents moved in with me in 2002. Mother passed 2012 and father still with me. He is sound of mind and gets around the house independently. He’ll be 95 in November. He helps as he can. Right now he’s washing the supper dishes and will soon fold up the clothes when I bring them in from the dryer. He’s been more than father. Room mate, friend, pal, brother. Being alone is going to be horrible but I’m preparing myself to be thankful for all the years we lived together and not apart. He is healthy for his age so there is more time to cherish. Thanks for visiting my cartoons on my blog.

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