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Holy Wednesday 2018

Summer Heat is very torrid.The third day of  Holy Week.Like any hot, uncomfortable, and humid day. The pores of you’re skin open up. The temperature projected by the local Weather Bureau(PAGASA) reported by 3:00 pm our temperature in Quezon City will hit 90’degrees Fahrenheit. In metric terms, this will read 36′ Centigrade. Comfortable and manageable to most. But to some-like me, unbearable and loathful. Most students are winding up with their school year and preparing for Summer Vacation.

Private companies, various None Government Organization(NGO), and Government Institutions closed early. so their employees would go home early to celebrate the solemnity of Holy Season.

As for many Freelancers, it is business as usual.  Or perhaps like the Freelancers family, many Filipino Roman Catholics, this is a time of reflection on the life and death Jesus Christ. 

Maundy Thursday-Freelancing just another day

I had issues with my Dell Laptop last night. First, switched on the power button more than several times. All I got was a blank screen and a mouse cursor. All I can do was to be patient and figure out what caused the Dell to act in a sullen mood. My son passed me by and glided back to his room. The night before I was having issues with the Dell computer. I had to occasionally start up by plugging in the charger. Count to 40 seconds, and see what happens. All I got in my nine attempts was just a black screen and the icon of my mouse cursor. Other than that, nothing I can do but to remain patient and figure out a way to pull out my Dell computer which seemed to be in a sullen mood.


 My wife sent me a text and informed me she and the rest of her clan will be spending Holy Week at Zambales. I advised her to enjoy and to take care. They will be going back to Pampanga on a Black Saturday. At least right now. my Dell is working out just fine. My guess is perhaps the hot weather affected the system. Meaning I had to transfer to a much cooler and comfortable spot.


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Holy Week in the Seventies

Old Manila Jockey Club

The Old Manila Jockey Club circa 1970

I recall in my younger days in the early Seventies. Our family would visit our grandparents home in Manila. As young kids, we were ambivalent what occurred during the Martial Law days

Life in those days was simple and not complicated. As kids, we have been hearing about two young energetic individuals who are making  headway in the field of microcomputers

The family would gather around the small cozy family room watching old Father Peyton’s Syndicated Serial of the Family Hour. The series is about the Holy Rosary. Reflecting the Life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.There are times there are old re-runs of The Greatest Story Ever Told, Ben Hur, Moses, Cleopatra and alike. Mostly showing old Hollywood icons of the past portrayed by old iconic actors such as Charlton Heston, Alec Guineas, Elizabeth Taylor, Victor Mature.Popular icons of the Pre- World War 2 Splendours of long Gone now forgotten Era of the old Hollywood. There were a number of times we followed the Lenten Season Tradition. That is the Visita Iglesia…



The Seven Churches Visitation is a pious Roman Catholic Lenten tradition to visit seven churches on the evening of Maundy Thursday. Following the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, the Blessed Sacrament is placed on the Altar of Repose in the church for Adoration. During the Seven Churches Visitation, the faithful visit several churches – sometimes seven, sometimes fourteen, sometimes no set number depending upon the particular practice – to pray before the Blessed Sacrament in each church


Holy Week 2018

Fast Forward 2018. The family misses the days of the Seventies decade. Both grandparents in Mom’s and Dad side have passed away. My parents now are in their twilight years. We pray for their health and welfare. My mom and dad are both Eighty-nine years old.Each time I spend endearing moments. I reflect back to the golden Seventies Decade. Back in the Seventies our family always makes it a point to spend some time together. There were many numerous moments I remember playing chess or any board games to spend bonding moments with our relatives. Today it is really different. Most of the young kids in today’s generation just leave as they please. Not even have the decency of advising where they go. The old folks would say, today’s generation are like transients. I am beginning to believe what the famed Nobel Physicist Albert Einstein once said.


Today’s Generation’s lucky. The So-called Millenial Generation is enjoying the Digital Age, Internet, and the world wide web.  Today’s generation seems to rush. Always in a hurry. Unwittingly and sometimes unaware of their surroundings transfixed with their nose sticking to their digital tablets, android phones and impervious taking for granted close family and friends watching, listening enjoying what pops out on their IOS and Android gadgets. The late Nobel Prize in Physics, Albert Einstein once said..


It’s become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity

-Quotation from the 1995 Movie “Powder””

Holy Week should be a special time for reflection on the Life and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ. The reason why many people transition to work as a Freelancer is to spend some time with their family, especially the old folks. I love Social Media and what it presents. The only thing that bothers me is that some individual would use Social Media to distort what is real and inject message that would correspond to a different meaning. Besides the only reason why people work as Freelancers is to be with their respective families.



5 thoughts on “Wondering Thoughts “Freelancers Reflections on Holy Week”‘2.28.2018

  1. Hi Felix,
    As I am not religious, I don’t celebrate Holy Week, but I send my best wishes to those of you who do.
    And thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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