The Wi-Fi Connection

Connecting to a Hotspot or WI-Fi has been an essential and basic need for today’s Millennial Generation. It is an important way to connect with family, friends and the world wide web universe. People can not seem to live or survive, you can find many individuals who are perpetually holding on to their Android Phones and tablets just to see what is new on the Internet.


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My father had to be confined to a hospital because he had issues with his heart and can no longer control his bladder movement. The family chose Capitol Medical Center (CMC) because the hospital is just a stone away from we were staying. I first noticed I could access a hotspot on the Ground Floor close to the CMC Admission’s Office. I decided not to access the hotspot because I had to catch up writing some blogs and articles using either the simple JotterPad App from Amazon or my favorite App – Essential Project Management Information System-Notes for Android.

After waiting at the CMC Admissions Office for two hours. My dad was assigned to CMC Room 509. After my Dad Settled in his room,giphy-downsized (7) I thought this would be the best time to be productive and perhaps discover what I can do in accessing a hotspot.

To make myself productive, I decided to bring my Kindle Fire Devise and old reliable nine-year-old BlackBerry Curve 9700. I used the old Blackberry and found two hotspots. One from the Fourth Floor and the second WI-FI from the 9th Floor. For identification purpose, let us call the first WI-Fi as CMC-4. And the second hotspot as CMC-9.

The strongest signal I receive comes from CMC-9. I was wondering why the first Wi-Fi called CMC-4, was having issues in connecting to an Internet.

I could only think of my past training in Structured Cabling System. The WI-FI from the CMC-9 could be strategically placed directly or below the room 509 where we were staying. The CMC-4, meanwhile, I think?, all though close to Rm-509. Does not have the Line Of Sight(LOS). I am not sure if this based on the rules of A structured cabling system. The maximum distance should note the distance of 90 meters.

Many people think accessing a Free hotspot is simply Divine!
There is always a possibility that there are people lurking behind the dark corners of the March.

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  • How far is hotspot range?
    (Good To Know)
    Typically, the phone’s Wi-Fi signal has a range of about 100 feet, so it works well in a temporary office, at the beach or even in the largest hotel suite. One thing to keep in mind is that, as with Wi-Fi routers, the signal’s strength and bandwidth decline as you get farther from the hotspot.


Time is an essential element you have to consider. I found out through trial and error, It is easier to connect to a hotspot in the morning, but in the late afternoon, it is near to impossible to get a WI-FI. Think of it as if the Internet as a giant Super freeway Highway. But on the afternoons towards the evening, there seems a bottleneck in connection. Causing Internet Connectivity to drop or simply disconnect.

  • How far can WIFI go?

(Good to Know)


You would need to measure how far from the router you want to be able to access the wifi. Wireless G can reach between 38m (indoor) and 140m (outdoor). This range is affected by line of sight, meaning if their are any walls between where the router is and where you want to access it, the range decreases


OPEN Hotspot

I always believe it would be advisable to connect only to SECURE HotSpot. You can easily check this on your own WI-FI. You can find a small padlock Icon on your WI-FI settings. An OPEN Hotspot meanwhile does not have any existing Padlock icon.

The danger lies when you do not realize there are HACKERS who can see what you are working on. There are numerous scary stories wherein a HACKER provides a Phantom page similar to any Social Media Platform.

Unsuspecting victims would unknowingly enter and provide their:

PASSWORD: password123

My best suggestion when you receive a pop-up message

when using an unsecured connection.Your Details Can be viewed by Others.

Step back and DO NOT CONTINUE.

There are ALWAYS Hackers lurking around to steal your information. No wonder there are many IDENTITY THEFT going around the Internet.

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Here are some TIPS and REMINDERS you have to consider when connecting to an OPEN Hotspot

1. If you are sure you successfully connected to a Social Media Platform such as FaceBook. And after a few minutes, you are logged out than requested to re-enter your LOG-IN credentials. Check and PAUSE if the page comes from a legitimate source. I make it a point NOT to enter my credentials. Instead, I either turn off the power of my tablet. Switch it on and reconnect to the OPEN hotspot.

2 When you receive any popup messages showing up requesting any personal information. It would be advisable to X-OUT or Exit from the message.

3. DO NOT CLICK on any unknown or unverified link that shows up on you’re Tablet or Android Phone. Chances are the link would be a BAIT

4. After spending time connecting to an OPEN hotspot. Clear your cache and Cookies on your browser.

5. Be AWARE connecting to an OPEN hotspot or WI-fi.There is always a possibility of HACKERS lurking around to look at what you’re working on.Never leave any personal information such as

5.1 NEVER disclose your FULL Name, ADDReSs, Contact number, Family name
5.2 NEVER disclose Sensitive Financial Record Information such as your Bank Account Number, Credit Card Information, Third Party Kiosk (Paypal, PayMe, Smart ) or any Electronic Mode of payment.
5.3. NEVER disclose your personal information such as hobbies, likes, and dislikes.
5.4 All reminders disclosed are preemptive measures to AVOID Identity Theft and Data Mining which are now rampant on all Social Media Platforms.
5.5. CONNECT to an Open hotspot at your own RISK. You always have to be RESPONSIBLE for all your ACTION.
5.6. THINK before you CLICK!

5.7 Constantly change your password :

5.7.a and Mix the letters in upper and lower case example: PASSword
5.7.b Use password you only know example PAKIalammo
5.7.c. Use numbers
5.7.d. Use Special characters (@#$&&-?!;:'”*=℅®©\£¢€^°=∆¶×÷π√•|`)

5.8 Never Share your PASSWORD with anyone. In world war 2, there is a popular saying: ” Loose LIPS Sinks Ships”



Connecting to a Free Wi-fi to many people seem to be a basic necessity in life. I perceive connecting to a Wi-fi only when the need arises. In our families case, we needed to coordinate and get in touch with relatives who are in the Medical Profession to help out our Dad. I forgot to mention he is a 22-year-old Quadruple Heart By-pass Survivor. He is turning 90 years old this year.

Network Administrators have implemented strict protocols by providing access to patients and family members who request access to such service. I understand this is business and a minimum fee would be added to the final bill when the patient has been discharged. Sharing my thoughts, hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please feel free to comment and make any suggestions. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you all.

Who else but me,

Daddy Felix