I love the Kindle Fire Devise because  it is handy and portability. Here is a step-by-step how to use a third party application like Essential Project Manager System. I am referring to, the NOTES feature to write articles or drafts for WordPress using the Kindle Fire Devise. There are many apps out on the market you can choose as an editor of your choice for your tablet. I find the Essential PIMs useful because it gives me the option to write drafts or articles in a Standalone Mode

The Kindle Fire Devise Handbook (KFD) mentioned the kindle battery life lasts about 9 Hours. Before writing this article I made sure my Kindle Fire Devise was 100% fully charged. 

 I hope you enjoy the topic and find it interesting and useful . Perhaps for  future writing endeavor in WordPress.

There are only Three(3) Steps when you use Essential PIms before you publish your masterpiecr in WordPress:

  1. Install Essential ProJect Information System NOTES Android in you’re  tablet. I am using the Kindle Fire Devise 7 HD to Create or write the draft on my Kindle Fire Devise.
  2. After you writing you’re draft. You can Share your work n the WordPress site. Be sure to save you’re work in the  DRAFT Mode on the WordPress site.
  3. Finally, after thoroughly reviewing and edited your article. You can now Publish your work on WordPress. As for me, I had to review and edit my work on my laptop.


essential pims

Here are the Detailed Steps

I love using the   Notes of Essential Project Management Information System or Essential PIMs for short. I like using the Kindle on a Standalone Mode.The purpose is to help prolong the battery life cycle of the Kindle Fire Devise.The battery of the Kindle Fire Devise should last up to an estimate of 9-Hours. Watching Videos and playing games would shorten the battery life of the Kindle Fire.

The Notes feature of the Essential Project Information Manager System or Essential PIM  is simple to use.  I find it useful especially because of the portability to hand carry the devise each time I write down my article or draft.

Navigating through the app is such a breeze.All the tools for Essential PIMs can be found are located at the bottom of the screen for Essential PIMs Android.

Perhaps, you have your own prerencr of your choice in an app. You can use the NOTES as an editor before you publish your content on WordPress.

Take note Essential PIMs installed on a Desktop or laptop does not have the feature to be shared or imported to WordPress.

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General Features of Essential Project IMS for Notes on a Kindle Fire Devise

Here are some sample features you can do with NOTEs in Essential Project Information System for Android.

  • You can create bullets in you’re Blog
  • The Kindle Fire Device has an automatic spell checker
  • Just press on the BOLD icon.
  • You can click on the Icon, underline icon, strike through icon
  • Increase the size of your font.
  • Change the color of your font. Highlight an article, paragraph or phrase.
  • The Essential PIM Notes can provide and create you a checklist


    1. Essential PIM for Android gives you an option to use numbers to enumerate steps:
    2. First Step
    3. Second Step
    4. Final Step

    Essential PIM Notes app gives you an option to create Check Bullets

    You can create a checklist for you to enumerate a procedure or series of steps.

    Essential PIM Notes App gives you an option to format your work. You can:

    1. Indent a paragraph, quotations, articles or phrase.
    2.  Left-align, center-align or Right-align the paragraph.
    3. Essential PIM Notes App gives you the option to insert a picture Of you’re Choice or take a picture using the  Kindle Fire Devise.


    Featured Image -- 11046

    After writing the article on the Kindle Fire Fire Devise. NOTE: Do not forget to pull down the screen using your right thumb.

    Press the Check icon  which is located at the upper right portion of the Essential Project Management Information System ANDROID app.

    Finally, if you are ready to publish your work. Just use your right thumb to pull down the screen on you’re Kindle Fire Devise.

    There are Three (3)/Options:

    1. Check Button – To Save your file
    2. x Or Exit Button – To Exit from the Essential PIMs Notes editor
    3. Three Dots

    Click on Three (3) Dots.

    After clicking on the Three(3) Dots. Choose and Click on:

    The Share Button.

    Note: You have to choose the Application to Share. In this case, Choose WordPress


    I  successfully imported my raw draft to the WORDPRESS Site from the Standalone Mode. At this point I finally arrived home .I  then proceeded to activated my WI-FI or hotspot.This is to be sure that the draft has been properly shared and saved in the WordPress Editor Page.


    Be sure NOT  to click on PUBLISH. But Click on the GEAR icon

    You now can choose to save your draft. I am still using the Kindle Fire Devise. And currently using the WordPress editor. While writing this blog.


    I started using the Kindle Fire Devise at 1:30 in the afternoon at a local Dunkin Donut Outlet. The Kindle Fire Devise was used to write drafts using the Essential Project Information System App -Notes I used the Kindle Fire Device to update myself on subjects such as Social Media, Search Engine Optimization Writing. I also used Microsoft One Notes to summarize and write Notes. I finally arrived home around 9:00 pm in the evening. Checked on the Battery icon of my Kindle Fire Devise. I have 45 % of power left. This gave me ample time to Synchronize the notes I made for Microsoft One Notes.