Why Note Taking is important?

Back in my College days, it is common to hear the Professors say.  Bring out your pen and notebook start taking down the following Notes. Note Taking is important for any gathering, meetings or social occasion. It is essential to jot, scribble down, and write important pointers and topics which the speaker is talking. This is useful, especially in presentations. Note taking helps an individual understand and comprehend the subject or topic that is being discussed.  I started taking down Notes using technology in the past.The first I used was the Sharp Wizard OZ 9500, this was way back in the early nineteen-eighties. I gradually moved using to the Palm III which was in popular in the late eighties. As the years pass by, technologies changed and new developments came out and better devices were developed by manufacturers.



google keep

Note Taking Managment Solutions

There are many different kinds of Note Taking Managment Solutions on the Market and Digital Internet. Just to name some of them:

  • EverNotes
  • Google.Keep
  • Microsoft One Note
  • Bear
  • Pattern
  • 21 Brains
  • Paperwork
  • Cogi Call Recording


There are many much more Note Taking Technology Solution offered on the Internet. In order to select the best app. Number one Criteria is the app or solution is compatibility with your Tablet or Android. Both Essential PIMs and Microsoft One Notes are compatible with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7. The second consideration is the simplicity and ease of use for the user. And finally, Portability and synchronizing from a handheld device to your computer. The ease in transferring your work



What is Microsoft One Notes?

Microsoft One Notes in Wikipedia is defined  as an application, a computer program. As a Free Form information gathering and multi-user collaboration.It gathers users’ notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.

Microsoft One Notes

A decade ago I thought the App was created mainly for students and teacher-Specifically for the Academic Community. I only started to appreciate the features of Microsoft One Notes when I started using the app on my Kindle Fire Device. In a desktop or laptop environment,  I never saw any purpose in the use of Microsoft One Notes. But on a tablet like the Kindle Fire Devise, I finally found the beauty and powerful features of Microsoft One Note. A decade ago I was using Ever Notes extensively in saving clips, picture files, and article clippings. Using Microsoft One Notes is a game changer.

Microsoft One Notes helps me connect all my work and my written notes.  I find the application useful because  I can organize my thoughts similar to an ordinary Notebook. A Notebook that has different Subjects. Microsoft One Notes has a provision to save files and share with other teachers and students alike.

I would like to add Microsoft One Notes can be  SYNCHRONIZED  at your Microsoft One Notes On-Line.  This gives me the option to save my Notes and Files on both my Kindle Fire Device and Dell Laptop.  This afternoon, I checked on other competing products such as Google Keep and the Bear app. Google Keep looked like a cloned copy for EverNotes. While Bear Lite, unfortunately, was not compatible with my Kindle Fire and Dell Laptop.


Microsoft OneNotes Navigation


Portability and Simple to use

You can use your Android tablet. In my case, I use the Kindle Fire Device. I love the portability of Microsoft One Notes. In a Standalone environment and even without connecting to a hotspot. I can use Microsoft One Notes to write down my ideas, Save and clip, save voice reminders and save  Articles from my Kindle eBooks which I will need to write one. I have begun using Mind Map process which I extensively do in writing my outline. I recommend you use Trello app. You can use Mind Mapping procedure in Microsoft One Notes.

The Battery of the Kindle Fire Devise HD 7.0 in standalone mode will last for 9 Hours.


Microsoft One Notes part 1

Sample Notes saved under Microsoft One Notes




Old school habits never die. I  make it a point to write down my thoughts in a Daily Planner or a Journal. Microsoft One Notes and Essential Project Management Information System and my Kindle Fire Devise are just some tools I use.  These devices are only utilized to help and simplify your lifestyle.  There will always be the pros and cons of an app or software. The main consideration should always be the simplicity, ease, and portability of transferring an idea or your work from one platform to another.



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