Title: Essential Pims vs Microsoft OneNote

For a decade I was wondering if there was an app you can use as a text editor to write a school report, a story or even a draft of a news report.

I was thinking of using to write drafts or publish a document immediately. I used to write using my old Samsung 5.0 for two and a half Years. Unfortunately, the cloud was not perfected at that time Back in 2006 I was having issues with the cloud drive. I  have been using the Essential PIMs.Everything I wrote for the past two and a half years was erased and deleted when my old Samsung 5.0 motherboard crashed. I saved all my files in External Drives.

It is a different story now. Using the Kindle Fire Devise of Android Tablet, you have the option to choose either Essential PIms or Microsoft One Notes to write your classic masterpiece.

Essential Project Information Management System vs Microsoft Own Notes

There are two apps I find useful. These are EssentialPims and Microsoft One Notes. Both apps can be used without connecting to a hotspot or a WI-FI. I use both apps extensively and on certain occasions use and interchangeably depending on what I write about. In order to provide you an Idea to distinguish the difference between the two apps.I decided to write about the feature using the native apps text editor.

Essential Project Information Management System

I use my Kindle Fire Devise. I had previously installed the Essential PIMs and Microsoft One Notes.

The Microsoft One Notes App is available under the Amazon Apps store while Essential PIMs is available only at EssentialPIM site.

Last December of 2017, I  encountered some issues with EssentialPIms with my Kindle Fire Device. Specifically, the error message pertained to Internal Memory conflict. In order to rectify and fix this issue.

I had no recourse but to reset the Kindle Fire back to its Factory settings.

These are the following reason why I had the internal Memory Issue:

Mistake Number 1. I did not have any additional external memory installed on the Kindle Fire Devise.

Mistake Number 2. All the apps, music, documents, pictures and relevant files were all saved in the Internal Kindle Fire Devise.

Mistake Number 3. I did not activate and use Cloud Technology.There are two cloud drives that are available. These are the Google Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive.

Mistake Number 4. Used the Kindle Fire Devise and diving in using both Microsoft One Notes and Essential PIMs. Remember to familiarize your devise and apps before Diving In. NEVER Assume. There are times you will encounter Incompatibility issues with you’re Kindle Fire Devise or Android.

II. Navigating under Essential Project Information Management system.

I love Essential PIMs. Why? The Essential Project Management Information System feature I often use.

1. NOTES Feature: when you activate Essential PIMs . All the editing and writing features are available for you. Just below Tags, the user has a list of options to properly format his document.

2. CALENDAR:  You can set up reminder s, appointments, schedules and list of tasks or activities for your work. Layout groundwork or milestones on Activities or Projects.

3 TASKS Feature: User has the option to lay out tasks or activities or step by step process. I make it a point to write down my major Task. And provide the checklist on specific activities that are needed to be followed-up.

4. Contacts Feature.All your contacts will be synchronized I. Google Plus. Please take note what Google Account you are using. I am currently using Four different Google Accounts. All my files are saved in my Primary Google Account.

5. Synchronization of Essential PIM. Unlike Microsoft OneNote, the Synchronization process is different with this app. I noticed the files are synchronized in the Amazon Cloud drive as a backup? for your files. Microsoft One Notes synchronization process synchronizes with your laptop or desktop files.

Please Take note I am using the Essential PIM Free Version.

The Desktop version has the option to Secure your work by setting a password.

The Android app version Does not have the option to place passwords.Please check out Essential PIms website for detailed features of Essential Project Information Management System.

6.Password Feature: You have the option to place a password in the DESKTOP version. The Android or Kindle Fire Devise does not have this feature.

You can use and write using Essential Project Information Management System to write your draft. WordPress.com has the option publish your document if you wish to.

CONCLUSION FOR THE Essential Project Management Information System 

I love the Essential App for its simplicity and usefulness. Writing using Essential PIMs is easy. My only mistake why I encountered Internal Memory with Essential PIMs, It is because I had saved the files on the Kindle Fire Devise.  After I conducted a Factory reset, I no longer encounter any issues with the Kindle Fire Devise.