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The Freelancers Best Friend

The Road of a Freelancer is full of adventure. There are many who experience the constant ups and down in a life of a Freelancer.

It is a lonely individual quest, a constant search for personal fulfillment and gratification.  A Freelancer is always confined to his computer. His laptop is a tool,  he uses the computer as an extension to write down his thoughts in communicating with other people in the World of the Internet.

Meet Man’s Best Friend


Meet India, my female Black Labrador. She is impish, mischievous, playful and crazy. There are many a time she play’s pranks on both people and fellow canine alike. India first arrived in my life the month  May of 2017. She looked pretty frail, small, and scared.There was a certain fear in her eyes, not knowing what future beholds her.

I was always busy, taking care of Online business.Most of the time I was taking care of the needs of my 89-year-old parents. I did not think India will last long especially because of her frail condition. I figured I might as well make the most of her time while she was around.

I did my usual routine every day. Each morning  I wake up I followed20728857_1631257096893852_7819701782438937137_o a daily schedule. That is checking my email. Squeezing all thirty minutes checking on my website. I review the News Thread for Work@home and Virtual Assistant Professional Group. Finally, I run through my planner to check on what my priorities and tasks I need to attend to.

As soon as I step out. I engage and do my usual exercise. I review  Wing Chun Sil Lum Tao, then followed by One count Escrima lessons. After putting down my bamboo sticks, I felt a little black critter lurking and brushing through my thighs.  Lo and behold, was India. She playfully grabbed my bamboo sticks and darted away. And I start running after her… screaming INDIAAAAAA.

There were numerous times I get tired and take a nap at the swing. As soon as I doze off, India jumps up over the swing. Causing me to fall out, I find her nibbling on my ears. Then running off with my slippers.


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There was never a dull day with India. Each time our family drives in and parks the Innova. India springs up, with joy and exuberance. As soon as the door of the car opens she darts in and cries and whippers with joy and spirit. Every day I bring my Kindle Fire Device to read ebooks,. Occasionally writing down notes on either Essential Project Information Management System (Essential PIMS) or Microsoft One Notes. While resting leisurely on the terrace in our home. I find India slowly creeping, numerous times sitting and weirdly listening to me while I was working. Her sheepish grin and smile take out the out the stress from me.

Last December New Years Eve, there was fireworks display exploding and lighting up the skies.  My sister from Maryland told me to check out our canine friends. I stepped out near the front porch. Calling out for India, my Black Labrador, Kisses- my sons One-year-old Aleutian Husky. Only to find both Black Labrador and Husky in a tight embrace with their large round wide eyes bewildered. Perhaps wondering what was going on.

From May of 2017 to January 2018, India has entertained me giving me the joy, companionship, and laughter. I fondly recall carrying branches falling off at coconut trees. Only to feel someone or something helping me carry my load to the corner of the garden.

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Last Saturday, January 27th. I had to go to Mabalacat Pampanga to meet with some friends and local clients. Before leaving, I found India waiting by the gate. I  was wondering why India was unusually quiet and reserved. I wasn’t able to sleep much because of I was taking care of my 89-year-old bedridden mother. Not to mention the deadline I had to meet with some local clients.

I finally arrived home Sunday evening, India was waiting for me. As usual, I gave her usual massage and she rested her snout on my thighs. But this time it was different, I saw tears dripping in her round dark eyes. I was not sure if something was really wrong?

Monday Morning January 29th. Just came from a teleconference with a possible client from California. My former boss sent me some business proposal to work on. I later received a text and a call from our Insurance Adviser. He was requesting me to follow up and submit some papers for the company and the bank. Which I swiftly complied. Before leaving the house. I found India, whimpering… I usually tell her “Snacks”. This time she just ignored me.

Days are numbered

I wished I could turn back the hands of time. From Saturday to Monday. I wished I had rushed India to the Veterinarian. My prioritieswp-1509333952322.jpg were taking care of both my 89-year-old parents, running my business and working on immediate tasks that are needed to be attended too. My old man and our family driver left for the Trinoma for the groceries. I was l was left alone with our caregiver to look after the needs of my 89-year-old mother.

This worried me, I had to look for India. It took me the entire afternoon going around the  1,600 square meter lot. Checking out each nook and cranny of the trees and annex house. I finally found her behind the Kaimito tree-Star Apple tree. To my horrors, I found her mouth frothing and very pale. This made me really scared of what happened to my India. A family veterinarian friend dropped by late at 5:00 in the afternoon. The Veterinarian advised bringing India to the Veterinarian Clinic. For first aid, we had to force feed her four teaspoons of brown sugar. Then washed down half family sized plastic bottle of water.

I could not leave the house and bring India to the Veterinarian Clinic because no one would look after my 89-year-old bedridden mother. Instead, I had her brought beside the house so I could regularly monitor India my Black Labradors Condition. It was 7:00 in the evening I was told no Veterinarian Clinics were opened. Made it a point to go to India every 40 minutes to check on her condition. It was around 4:40 in the morning, I found her standing up, wagging her tail and smiling. She’s ALIVE!

So I thought. Tuesday, one of the household maids woke me up. I received a call from my sister from Maryland. Vanessa advised me to rush India to the Veterinarian Clinic. As soon as I hung up the phone I rushed beside India. She gave me one last look… She’s gone.

It was Tuesday evening I was really torn and uptight. I stepped out of the house and looked up at the skies. I saw a beautiful bright moonshining. The night was slowly creeping in. A sudden whiff of cold wind blew to my face. I felt a fur brushing on my right leg. A familiar Velvet scent entered my senses. It was India bidding me Goodbye…

Lesson Learned

Many a time we are just too busy. Thinking that we have covered all the bases that move in our lives. India life was short lived. She showed me despite the small confinements of where she stayed. India has brought all the joy, laughter, mischievous and playful moments. India life was SHORT... but she showed me HOW LIFE SHOULD BE LIVED.

Please check out my Instagram and visit India my Black Labrador. She will forever be etched in my heart.

Daddy Felix


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