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Freelance Isn’t Free Acthttps://wp.me/p2QlaW-hN

I had an interesting teleconference with a friend and former boss who is based in the United States. Really was happy to share some of my experience in Social Media. My former boss had a business proposal to share with me and the former employees of a defunct Information Company based in Quezon City way back in 2004. Perhaps after the soft launch, I will write more about the business proposal. I believe this article will be beneficial to those who Work@Home and Freelancers.

A Freelance Story and when opportunity Knocks

I have an interesting story to share. Last year I visited a former classmate from high school. While exchanging pleasantries, I noticed the family had an old German Piano, circa 1920, that has been standing in their living room for decades. I stood up and tinkered around with the piano. I promised to refer someone who could help clean up and tune up the old piano.

Outsourcing The Right Person to Do the Job

Finally, I fulfilled this promise. I browsed the Internet and checked on sources from Google and OLX. Personally, I was wary of outsourcing a Piano Tuner Specialist. Especially Online. I got in touch with four people, out of the four, only two guys replied. After running a background check. I finally contact one. His name is Ms. Cristobal.


Mr. Cristobal arrived the following day 15 minutes early from the meeting time which is 9:00 am. He had a partner with him who was carrying a large box.

Mr. Cristobal and I had a short chat while we walked a block away from the house. After introducing Mr. Cristobal and his friend. They started checking out the piano, first by pressing each piano key. Latched opened the front panel and bottom panel.

Mrs. Caro, my friends 88-old-mother said. “Music is the food and Heart of the Soul”. She added, “Love what You do and Do What You Love”.

You will never learn how to play a musical instrument unless it comes from the HEART, It is important to FEEL what you want to do and express your emotion. The musical instrument is an extension of your SOUL. After two hours of cleaning and tuning up, I was surprised to find out Mr. Cristobal treated everyone by playing the piano and singing.

Lesson Learned and Summary:

Work@Home and Freelancing are no different from the story I just narrated. There are people out on the Digital Rheal who are searching for the right people who can help them out with issues. It is the job of a Freelancer to provide a solution that would address this issue and point out a solution to make their life better. In Mrs. Caro’s kind words “You are playing My song”

Enjoy the article and just wanted to share what happened last week.If anyone in Manila would need an Awesome and great Piano Tuner. You can reach Mr. Cristobal at his phone number #09302677647.

Enjoy your weekend.

Vaya Con Dios

Daddy Felix

Instagram:Daddy Felix Business Consultancy

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