These are the words echoed around the world as the clock ticked away on the countdown for the end of 2017. I was unable to write or blog for the past few months because of personal reasons. The Christmas Holidays is geared to celebrate the coming and birth of our Savior, Jesus  Christ. There were many things that transpired before the closing of the year. Changes happen and change is constant, whether we like it or not.There are changes that are made that at times beyond our control. We can only control and handle a circumstance or situation. The year 2017 is no different, there were many developments that occurred last year in the Digital Realm.


Dianelo -Meija Clan Get together December 27,2017 at BamBan Tarlac


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Changes in 2017

There were  vital changes that occurred on the Internet just before the end of 2017

My handheld device kept me updated what was going on in the world. I felt sad and at a loss how I could use and apply the different changes that are slowly implemented in the Digital Realm.

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Mr. Consultant is right!

Take stock and inventory of what you have, I did. Currently, I have three computers.  These are the Kindle Fire Device( KFD). Two Kindle Key Board, a Cloudphone, the 9-year-old trusty BlackBerry 9700 and the Old reliable Nokia phone which has been with me since time and memorial. Seriously, these blessed machines can either entertain you or enhance and make your life easy. Without turning on these gadgets or toys as my old man would put it. They are just EXPENSIVE PAPERWEIGHT.

I had a nice chat with an old friend who is still working in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry.  As a new Dad, he was extremely not happy with his life. I told him to assess his situation and try out working online. Just like many, he was pretty scared of transitioning to work@home. He did mention he has enrolled his wife in some programs from local Philippine Virtual Assistant Professionals There were a few I had recommended which my old friend will take time to check out. Mr. Call Center friend told me he had a number of gadgets and laptop at his disposal. Unfortunately,  the devices were only used for playing online games and Social Media Chit chat.

The Magic of Social Media

Instagram has been on my mind since the beginning, In fact, I never realized how powerful Instagram Platform may be. I have been writing for my website for a year and gathered new friends and followers. Whereas, I reactivated my Instagram account. And was surprised that within a few weeks I gathered from 12 to 399 followers with a few weeks. I had no intention of deceiving anyone, I was surprised a number did think I was a female. After disclosing the pictures were my daughter, the number dwindled. This made me think to go through the book of  Juan C. Gonzalez. The title is Instagram Marketing  101 The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Master Instagram.  

The ebook is available on Amazon. I found his three reasons why Instagram Marketing is Worth Your Time. Actually had solid valid points, for those who are starting out on Instagram to check it out and get a copy.

Finally, I would like to greet everyone. May you all have a Wonderful Prosperous New Year this 2018.

 Zen Udani Gratitude Matters

Please take time to check out this book. “Gratitude Matters Energize Your Life With Thankfulness“This is written by a fellow Bosconian Zenon Arthur Udani. It is available on Amazon.

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Who else but Me,

Daddy Felix

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