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Influencers, Bloggers, and Freelancers

I have been fascinated by Influencers, brands, and trendsetters. I love the Beatles who for a decade symbolized the YEH Generation: Youth, Experience, and Hope.The Beatles ensued exuberance and radical change. Their musical composition had a  different style, magical melody in their simple and straightforward music.  The Beatles had a different style of music that distinguished their band from other songwriters and Rock and Roll Superstars of the Sixties Era.

What really fascinated me was that the Content and lyrics composed mainly by John Lennon and Paul McArthy somehow influenced they have made in the Sixties.The fabulous four composed wrote in-depth lyrics and melody that expressed the urge of radical change espousing Peace and all we need is love in most of their music.


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Happy Anniversary Daddy Felix Business Consultancy

It takes personal self-sacrifice, time, money and effort to slowly develop a business. I have read many articles and blogs from different entrepreneurs. Many had excellent Content and material to share. Some bloggers who expressed and where selling what they know and disclosing and itemizing their achievements. Most concentrate on writing about them and skill. Not realizing the importance on what they can offer.

About Me

Some bloggers and writers of certain sites take for granted a Section About Me.Many prefer to use pseudo names, and others prefer not to write a short concise description about their site. I admit  I was pretty guilty at first, only to realize how can you conduct business with anyone if your name was Juan De La Cruz. Which is a typical Filipino name

We are now in the month of October. Wow, after this month Daddy Felix Business Consultancy will be celebrating its First Anniversary.Just like everyone else I started with zero followers and zilch comments. Vaguely remember there were moments I was on the verge of quitting, no one was reading or following my site. I would like to thank two individuals who provided me the courage and encouragement to continue. I am referring to two remarkable individuals

They are:


Alexis Chateau PR is an independent lifestyle public relations firm based in Atlanta, GA. We have a special interest in lifestyle brands; and focus our resources on serving the underdogs who fall outside the budget range of bigger agencies. From education, to the arts, to travel, we’ve worked with clients in all areas of the lifestyle industry since 2006.

Opinionated Man

Mr. Jason C Cushman, originally born in Pusan Korea.Mr. Cushman was brought up in Jackson Mississippi. He works for an Information Technology Company. He loves writing, poetry, history, Animal Shows, and ESPN among others. Despite his hectic schedule, he makes time to write and blog. Starting way back in January 3,2013. Jason has more than 56,553 followers and avid readers.

God Bless and thank you, Ms. Alexis Chateau and Mr. Jason C. Cushman.A few years ago Ms. Alexis Chateau was working alone. Currently, Ms. Alexis has some people working as her staff for their Public Relations outfit.

Much more followers have slowly trickled during the past few months. I am very much indebted to them for their invaluable comments, constructive criticism, and valuable suggestions to help me improve and develop. I do realize this site and I  have a long way to go.Most bloggers expound the importance of visiting and interacting with other writers and bloggers. As one blogger may put it to write as a guest bloggers for different sites.

Not to mention Current energetic Filipino Influencers who are now treading in the Digital World.

I am indebted to have met some online who to this day continue to share their Online experience, best practices, and knowledge to many aspiring Filipino Freelancers. I would like specially mention Mr. Rey Baguio who provided me a list of current Filipino Online Influencers. Mr. Rey Baguio is an excellent Content Writer and extraordinaire Digital Marketing Consultant.

For many aspiring Freelancers check out the following individuals who are now trending in the Freelance Industry. There much more, just sharing

The following people I consider as the current major influencers and trendsetters.

Rey M Baguio Reviews and Surveys (Philippines)


I would like to invite aspiring bloggers and future Freelancers to visit this site and reach out to mentors and major influencers who may help in their quest and adventure in the Digital Freelance World. It is difficult to travel on a dark narrow road and unchartered road. I would recommend reaching out to people who may shed light and help you out in the Freelance World.

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