August National Heroes Day in the Philippines

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What would be a better day to end the month? Manila is experiencing torrential rains due to a Low-Pressure Area 95 Km North Northwest of Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.  For the entire day, the sun shows up but we experience heavy rains and slight winds in our area.

The month of August passed us like a whiff of air, with many events occurring in the local scene as well in the world. Just like the Philippines where our people experience tropical typhoons.Two days ago we witnessed a storm that hit the US. This has caused a flash flood in Houston Texas. It is disheartening to see people experiencing calamity, death, and chaos. The loss of life and property occur when people experience a calamity caused by nature, the force of nature beyond their control. Each day the sun rises, as the day progress; we as people experience many things that occur in a day. Some trivial, while others experience significantly in our lives.

Arrived last Sunday from Angeles Pampanga. I had to leave Angeles Pampanga because my Dad was turning 89 years old. My wife and her family meanwhile decided to go to Zambales so that Monina and her kids would experience Mang Rickey’s resort which we have been going annually for the past twenty-two years. In my part, I had to decide either to join the clan or head back to Manila.

What made the day significantly was Monday, August 28, 2017, was declared as National Heroes Day. My Dad turned 89 years old, the family decided to celebrate the occasion in a small and quiet manner.Flash Floods in Houston Texas August 26,2017

Besides the Mayweather vs Mcgreggor Fight which trickled and caused a slight ripple on the Internet.

Manila woke up the likes of Train to Busan to the likes of Zarks Hamburger P8.00 Promo which was good for the first 80 customers. This was coined as the Zarks Ultimate Day Promo for August 28, 2017. I find it sad how some people react in Social Media.  Social Media seems to be a source of entertainment.Many people were amused with the event that transpired in Zarks Hamburger at SM Malls around Manila. While people in Houston Texas are suffering from the flash floods caused by Storm Harvey. The news and coverage took a back stage in Social Media.This is my personal perspective.

National Heroes Day should be remembered as a reminder that the best and worst side of each individual will show up. It is only a matter of how the common tao or the plain ordinary individual would bring out the hero in them. There are many faceless silent heroes out there in the world who do not care to receive any kind of recognition or reward. Each time I open up Social Media in the likes of Facebook, Tweeter, and various Social Media platform. I see many unsung heroes who help other people without even gaining or receiving any kind of acknowledgment and gratitude.

In the immortal words, I would like to leave a short message and reminder when you see someone in need of help.




This is what National Heroes Day means especially to the ordinary common tao or person.


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