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My Family and I greet everyone Welcome and Mabuhay!I  personally would like to heartfully thank everyone especially the followers who have continued patronizing the site. Currently, the site has  500++ likes. Officially, Daddy Felix Business Consultancy has 120 followers and an unofficial count is 134 Followers.

What is a Home?

Followed a “Home Decorating Reality series”. It is about a group of four people who get together, the series showcases the different house of individuals and the general objective of the game is to guess who owns whose house based on the way the house is built.Each house personifies each individuals personality and character. The individual who guesses all four homes wins a pot lock of cash and get’s to showcase his or her house.

A Home is a place where you feel cozy, welcome, comfortable and safe. It is a place where you share with people you love and interact. It is a place where you share and nurture your life, thoughts, dreams, and aspiration specifically to people you consider as family.

Welcome to Daddy Felix Business Consultancy Website. I figured this would be the best time to share my homepage to my Digital Family and Friends.

I use the FireSHOT CHROME app for a screenshot. The home page is segregated into the following Sections.

  1. Front Section- This consists of a picture of coconut palm trees which is typical in the Philippines and tropical spots.cropped-blogger-social-media-enthusiast-1The Front Section consists of the Daddy Felix Business Consultancy Banner.Daddy Felix Business Consultancy uses the following Social Media Platform. These are Canva, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, WordPress, Blogger as primary tools.Secondary Integrated Social Media such as Buffer, Tweetdeck, HootSuite and supplementary support apps such as FireShot Chrome, Loom, Zoom, Skype for communication and dissemination of urgent information as well as Digital Marketing Information.



2. Page Section. This section provides the latest seven to eight recent articles written by me and stories written by some friends and bloggers which are interesting and quite useful



3. Home Section. This consists of topics and categories of the articles written.This will assist the readers and followers how to check on what you can find on the home page.The Owl giphy is an adopted digital mascot. This is a tribute to my mother, Luning Bonifacio Ira. During her time she was a three-time Palanca Awardee in the English Category. My mother is an author of well-known coffee table books such as Streets of Manila, Philippine Wedding, Beers in the Philippines (San Miguel). The Palanca writing Contest is similar to the Pulitzer Award for English Category. Luning B. Ira was nominated twice as a judge for the Carlos Palanca Award Panel.




4. Widget Section. This section consists of the different widgets that were activated. Starting from a short description about Daddy Felix Business Consultancy Included are the articles and blogs checked out by readers and followers. I have added the different pages and icons of different Social Media such as Tweeter, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin to provide additional information and credentials.


Enjoy and Welcome to my HomePage. Feel free to browse and read the articles and blogs that were written by well-known writers and practitioners in the Internet Digital World.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me through my contact page. If you find any error or corrections needed, I am looking forward to hearing from you for any suggestions or improvements needed.

Vaya Con Dios, Who else but me,

Felix Francisco “Fritz” B. Ira III