August 14, Monday

My wife, daughter, and two sisters- in-law decided to have an early dinner. We just finished praying the rosary just in time to greet the evening.Everyone retired early since it is a Monday, My daughter has to catch her Grade 12 classes around Seven in the morning.Decided to bring my old blackberry 9700 ATT curve and switched on to streaming at a Hotspot.

giphy (18)

I choose Boracay Beach Radio listening to 22 Entrsngrt Dans La Nuit (Strangers in the night) while I took a quick shower.From the right side, half closed jalousie windows drip…Drip… I can hear the gentle rumble from the skies. It’s 9:53 in the evening. I thought the rains were about to stop. There are flashes of lightning streaking flickering from the sky It is soothing to hear the gentle humming of insects as I type away my thoughts gliding at a late Monday evening.


Tuesday, August 15 9:39 pm

How time literally flies. Tomorrow, my wife’s niece Monina Lewis, her British husband and two kids will be flying back to giphy (52).gifPampanga after a 10 Day Stay in Coron Palawan. I understand Jim Lewis will need to fly back the following day to report back to work in Dubai

Found the day amusing. I woke up around 7:39 in the morning, saw my brother-in-law Kuya Levi picking up Madoks, five years old 36 inches LG LED television, which seemed to need to be repaired.I decided to check my email and found an invitation to join a webinar. This lightened my interest, for a minute I felt as if my eyes twinkle As if I felt as if Grace has fallen on my lap. This left me preoccupied for an hour or two.

As the morning progressed, I noticed that the heat at the second floor was building up. I decided to transfer to the dining room to work on some house keeping choirs I needed to handle at my laptop.

Around 10:45 in the morning I heard a slight commotion from the outside. I figured I would check it out and find out what the racket was it all about. Just as I opened the  small Iron gate I was surprised to hear a large heavy bland BHA AAAA. Eliseo,


Too beautiful for a feast. Final reprieve for life and will be raised as wish from my sister-in-law 60th Birthday

Monina Angeles Lewis, biological father dropped by to bring over a one-year-old Lamb. Not to mention a bunch of green clusters of banana that seemed to be recently harvested,

I understand this was in preparation for my sister-in-law’s 60th birthday which will be held this weekend.



Just like the previous evening, I could hear the gentle rumble of thunder, the flicker of lightning and the gentle cool blowing of the wind. My wife is in her room, arranging her clothes that were recently ironed out by Lina, the laundry woman.

I guess I would need to hit the sack early, I was reminded by mi Amor Esposa-my lovely wife that the Monina’s kids and family will be arriving early around 11:00 in the morning.

Just heard my wife hollering my name. She was pretty irked when she saw a mice standing on her handbag. I asked her bluntly, How did it look like?

She Said cute… yikes…. There goes my night. Have a pleasant week ahead of you everyone.

Wednesday Evening Despedida Dinner for my brother-in-law

Jim’s treat before flying off to UAE treating out a local Thai Restaurant somewhere in Angeles City. Thank you, Kuya Jim and Lewis Family…I wasn’t able to find out the names of the Thai Dish, I will try to be as descriptive as possible. The name of the place is Patcharawan Thai Restaurant. It is a typical home that was converted to a restaurant. It looked pretty homely I can not use the word Cozy and plain ordinary.




You can find Patchawaran Thai Restaurant at:

26-B Malabanas Rd, ClarkviewAngeles City, Luzon 2009, Philippines
+63 920 531 0378


Thursday, August 17, 2017

The family sends Jim Lewis off through Clark International Airport. While the rest were making preparations  for the following day for Madok’s Birthday. Family infomred that there were plans to go up this weekend to Baguio.


Friday, August 18,2017 7:00pm

We encountered heavy rains and a violent Thunderstorm. Both Electricity and the Internet were down till the wee hours in the morning.






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