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Have you ever experienced times when you seem to be in a rut, finding your self-day dreaming to a Life you like to live to?

Here’s a movie almost everyone can relate to…

I am referring no other than the movie “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”?. Originally it was a short story written in 1939 by James Thurber. First released in The New Yorker on March 18, 1939. The short story was so popular that a movie was produced and made on 1947, the leading role was portrayed by one of my favorite Hollywood comedian and actor no other than the late Danny Kaye.

There was a remake in 2013 of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” this time portrayed by Ben Stiller.

I have a confession to make to you, I am no exception either. Yesterday I dropped by my old office at Ayala Technohub after I received an email that my papers and documents are ready to be released. After waiting for two years, I have finally received the last payment that was due to me that was released only last February of this year. It was partly my fault mainly because I have been taking care of my old folks who were turning 89 years old this year. I was dead set on working as a Freelancer or Work@Home. Funny just a few days ago, I came across a video which made me think.

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None Business Process Outsource Individuals Perception 

It showed four different individuals who were invited for an interview on the negative aspects of the Business Process Outsourcing companies. 1618466_764183313611859_1779239253_n For a while, I totally agreed with what the participants were stating. These ranged from how call center agents are like zombies. Following the directives of their superiors and subordinates complying with the tenets, policies, and procedures of the company.

There were many a time when the call center agent would be requested to comply and requested to not to be absent. There were instances when the call center agent would miss family occasions and events from love ones. Others would exclaim that the Call Center Industry is a dead end job, meaning the work are only for those who are almost in their senior age or young under graduates who have no option to feed their family. The list and negative view dragged on and on…


The Business Process Outsourcing Industry

The second group of people came in and told their personal story.One was about an undergraduate young lady who could not continue with her studies. She was given the opportunity to work and choose a schedule so that she can finish her studies. Way back in 2006, while working with IBM Daksh. I was lucky to have met two fantastic individuals. One was able to finish his Law Degree, passed the bar and is now a practicing Lawyer. While the lady became a bonafide Law Enforcer.

The Second story is about a middle age mother of two grown children. Her husband left her and her family and was left to fend out for themselves.She acknowledged how she was able to provide her family their needs.

The Third Story is a member of the LGBT community. Formerly a hairdresser and thought his life was now a dead end. After a year, he is currently working as part of the Quality Assurance Staff. What made the story more interesting was the change he made in his personal life as well as his family.

Either way, the short video showed both sides of the coin. It all boils down to how the individual perceives his life and what direction he would like to achieve.

It’s not bad to day dream, sometimes day dreaming would push you and guide to what you feel and think. Perhaps motivate you towards the positive action you think or envision. I am not saying that life in the Business Processing Outsource Industry is easy. Nor it would be best to work out as a freelancer. It all boils down what are your immediate priorities as an individual. What happiness can derive for yourself as well as your family?

In the end, the choice is for you to make. The only thing that’s bad about dreams is not following up with a definite course of ACTION. We are all living in exciting times, unlike a few decades ago. Today’s generation is given the opportunity to be at par and excel in the world we live in.

  • You have to accentuate the positive,eliminate the negative,latch on the affirmative,Don’t mess with Mr In-between.






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