Sample Backbone Distribution for both voice, data, and Fiber Optic Cable backbone)




Flashback 1990’s Structured Cabling Nightmare case

I got one urgent call from a client to proceed to a Special Economic Zone in Laguna.  The giphy (35)client, Mr. X wanted me to drop by As Soon As Possible (ASAP). I met him several months before and this was the only time he needed me to talk to him about his concern. He informed me that he wanted a System’s Integrator(SI) to help and assist him in rehabilitating the companies Computer Network Infrastructure.  I had an inkling what the Network Engineer had in mind.

As soon as I arrived in Laguna, I was surprised that there were two other vendors who were vying for the project. We were informed by the Network Engineer that their management wanted a Systems Integrator to figure out and fix their Computer Network.giphy (36)To make the long story short I did not get the project. I was called up after a week and come back to discuss with their Management and Network Engineers to redesign and set up their Structured Cabling System. I told the Network Engineer, who later became my friend, that the company will continue to have issues that will plague their system.

I informed the Network Engineer, who later became my friend, that the company will continue to have issues that will plague their system. It is my best interest and advised that Management ought to look at the long-term process of having a New Cabling System that is consistent and stable. This would save the company money and help increase production and improve operations.

Solution and Recommendation:

  • Breaking Down to Small Manageable Tasks  Like all new ideas there will always be parties who will resist for changes. I broke down the issue into different steps and identified critical areas which department was much needed. With the help of my Network Systems Integrators, we made sure that there was no downtime and there was a provision for a redundant system.
  • Utilized Expertise  Back in those days we had two different departments. They are the Sales Solutions Consultant and Systems Network Integrators. Both Departments are utilized to help, assist and provide the proper assistance to the client. A slight problem or miscommunication can easily affect the relationship between the client and Consultant. What is really important is to be in control of the situation. Or provide steps in certain cases there would be any unforeseen issue.
  • Project Management  As requested by their Information Technology Manager I provided a timetable and breakdown of the Project
  • Constant Communication Stress the importance of opening communication with my contact, Network Engineer, and Management. I was dealing with my client as well as my Systems Integrator Project Engineers. Making sure that the stocks and materials are up to date (Category 5e cables, conduit, cable tie, miscellaneous materials- for horizontal distribution for both voice and data)and utilized in critical areas.
  • Coordination and Turnover  The last phase was important. My Network Engineers and I checked on the different critical areas. As soon as the entire New Network Infrastructure was operational, we made it a point to support the Client in case there were other concerns with the New System. My Network Engineers and I helped out in dismantling their old infrastructure.This meant sorting out active and passive components that would be recyclable. 


is defined as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (structured). A properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.

– as defined on CABLExpress.com cabling glossary

The company and the Network Engineer became my client for years. I believe that it is essential to instill integrity and consistency in dealing with a client. I realize that there are other aspects that would be difficult to use and migrate in working at home. It was easy for me to deal with people I constantly meet and coordinate. Working at home is a different story.  Just what I learned about Content Marketing, what is important is not the company or products you carry but the solution you can provide to your client.

Hope you enjoyed my article. Feel free to contact me so I could give out a helping hand. This is Daddy Felix, may you have a pleasant productive weekend ahead of you.







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