Libreng Pagamot

Wondering what would be a good topic to talk about? I was thinking about the latest webinar and hottest topic in the Digital Marketing realm.pablo (31).png Perhaps this would be high time to write about the major Digital Marketing Influencers and movers in the Philippines for the year 2017. I was playing with the idea to talk about Digital Marketing Philippines in Trends. 

 Nah… guess not,  I figured there would be other people who would be talking about the subject, perhaps I thought it would be a good idea to talk about “Libreng Pagamot -Free Medicine“, an Interesting topic right? There is a popular saying Health is Wealth, so here we go.


House moves to provide free meds
13-November-2016, 11:44:49 AM

People who have less in life will soon have more in medicines.

The House committee on health has approved a substitute bill which seeks to establish a free basic medicine assistance program to address the health needs of the marginalized sectors such as the poor, malnourished, the elderly, women, children and the disabled.

*House Moves to Provide Free Medicine

Large drops of rain pouring, I could see the dark clouds hovering above me. As usual, I chose to switch on Spotify and started playing Beatles acoustic to accompany me while I type away my thoughts for the day.

I just came from a lunch date with my old high school buddy who was kind enough to drop by and brought me my maintenance medicine together with a new pair of reading glasses which I desperately needed to help me in my daily activities.  I heard about the government’s program almost years ago. It was only a month ago when I was advised by my friend to drop by the local barangay to register my name as the typical greenhorn Call Center would say “Subscribe and Avail of …”


What are the Steps to get Free Medicines in your Barangay?

  • Step 1 Proceed to the nearest Barangay where you registered as a bonafide resident.
  • Step 2 Bring Two (2) Valid Identification Card  example: Voters ID
  • Step 3 As soon as you are registered at your local Barangay. Ask when you will drop by to get your Medicines.

I admit when I worked with the Business Processing Outsourcing Industry. At the average, my Blood Pressure was regularly read at 140/120. I was informed by my attending doctor that the reading was normal but dangerous. I was advised by my cardiologist that this is what they called the borderline and that I should heed his advice.

Ever since I started taking my maintenance regularly. The reading of my blood pressure went low.  For the past two weeks, my blood pressure reading has stabilized at an average to 120/80. I admit I am a middle-aged guy, I was shocked when my cardiologist informed me that Hypertension can affect everyone regardless of the latter’s sex or age.

Truth: High blood pressure is a largely symptomless “silent killer.” If you ignore your blood pressure because you think a certain symptom or sign will alert you to the problem, you are taking a dangerous chance with your life.

A thought just occurred to me, this program should be properly decimated to every pablo (30)young and old professional.  I am referring to people working in the Business Processing Outsourcing Centers or Call Centers.This also goes for  Freelancers.    It is no laughing matter when you start not feeling well. There would be signs when you feel different from the ordinary. I am sharing this because I lost a couple of close and good dear friends recently.




If you’re Blood Presure is High. Take note of the following signs.

*Reference Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Always consult with your family doctor. I had a talk with my old man who read my blog. I know it is difficult and dangerous to indulge in self-medication. There are dangers in mixing the medicine you are taking. What might work with one individual may not work out with you.

There will be a representative from the Barangay will issue only Generic Medicine. It would be advisable to bring a copy of your medical prescription and present the copy to the barangay official and a medical professional to examine and assist you with your medical needs. Be sure to follow the schedule given to you.

Love your job, love your family, love your life- You owe this information to yourself. Please don’t wait. But that time it would be too late, in the end, it’s your life and your choice.

Vaya Con Dios who else but me

-Daddy Felix


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