” You Don’t Need to be an Entrepreneur before you start. You become an entrepreneur during the Process of your Dream”

Sahar Hashemi

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Just like the pretty lass above, the approach to entrepreneurship has to be direct, energetic, vibrant and refreshing. The entrepreneur has to possess the uncanny insatiable drive to succeed. It’s like you want to be with her every day regardless on what struggle for richer or poorer till death does you apart. It’s a marriage of choice and a vision for a better future.

Orientation and Millennials or The Generation Y

Love to share you a story of a little kid. As a  toddler, he introduced me to the heart 1558517_659527187418569_2583055732259797583_nand road of entrepreneurship. He was born twenty-five years ago in a little town in Iloilo. I met him when his mother brought him to our family apartment. At 5 months his laughter and smile were contagious, he crawls and moves from one corner to the other. What caught my attention was the way he thinks and how he deeply observes his environment. Just like all young kids, their minds are like the sponges who easily picks up words and ideas and processes the information which teaches him a lesson day in and day out.

Way back in 1993 at an early age, I exposed him to the game of Chess. I figured this would be the best time to expose him to computers.No worries, it was only late 1994 when the Internet in the Philippines started booming. At that time the computer we were using was the AT 80-286 and 386 DX-Dell Computer.

To me Chess helped my son cultivate lessons such as patience,    building the right attitude,  determination of winning,  thinking out of the box IMG01770-20160115-2056instead of quitting and ending the game.  I gave him other toys that would help him in developing skills. One of which is his favorite which is the Rubiks cube. We were awed and surprised how he was able to figure out the Rubiks cube after tinkering with the blocks for an hour.

 He loved and grew up watching the Japanese animation series of Pokemon. He loved to draw the different characters of Pokemon. As he entered the nursery, I was surprised where he was able to get some pocket money. I learned from his teacher that my son has been drawing Pokemon characters for some of his classmates who were willing to pay  1.50 pesos per drawing. Something I noticed as my son was growing up was the sense of becoming self-sufficient.  I can only count the number of times he asked my help and guide him when he solicits some advice from me or encounters some issues and problem in his life.

Let’s go fast forward in 2017. Francis is currently working in a call center, during his free time he dabbles in his different personal business such as breeding Aleutian Siberian Husky( He owned three Huskies), Selling Life Insurance and cellphone loading station.101_1847

I noticed my twin brother gave him magazines about  Philippine Entrepreneur.But I was surprised he handed the copies to me stating he had no time reading the magazine. He just asked me to summarize the topic which, Boss Baby? might interest him.

Francis is just one of the many youngsters of today’s generation who is learning first hand about the facets of Entrepreneurship. I can say kids nowadays love to multi-task when they do things, and it seems are always in a hurry.I was not aware that my son was one of the thousand of kids in his generation who appear to have similar traits -The Millennials or what we know now as Generation Y.

I was not aware that my son was one of the thousand of kids in his generation who appear to have similar traits -The Millennials or what we know now as Generation Y.


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The Good Side and Bad Side of Social Media 

It’s now 7:09 pm in the evening, Learned last week that the Philippines has entered the Typhoon Season. How time flies, just like most freelancers traveling through the realms of the Digital World. I experienced the up’s and down’s of life, some were pleasant, some were frustrating, somewhere challenges along the way.

Way back in 1977 as a youngster, we are awed with the movie StarWars, An American epic space written and directed by George Lucas.where the celestial bodies of the good and evil battle for survival in the galaxies. This remains seemingly true in the Digital Realm. There have been people who utilize Social Media in for selfish motives.  I was aghast when I encountered postings of the Dark Negative side of Facebook. There were incidents where information was twisted and distorted by unscrupulous people.