Boxing and  Social Media

Heyyyyy!!!! , That’s not the picture of yesterday’s fight!!. That’s my point, I was counting on a similar reaction like what occurred the day after.giphy (29).gif Normally I wouldn’t write about Boxing.

The much-awaited fight finally arrived. The date July 2, 2017, the world witnessed the fight between two pugilist gladiators vying for WBO welterweight championship.

The boxing match was held at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Austrailia. The bout, I anticipated, elicited mixed emotions from both  Filipinos and foreign fans who witnessed the explosive and exciting bout.

It was early Sunday Morning, I started monitoring the much-awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Austrailia pride and favorite son Jeff Horn. Normally, we listen to the live coverage over the radio.  But for one unknown reason, I could not hear anything from the radio, there seems to be a deafening deadly silence over the radio airwaves.

giphy (20)I was beginning to feel as if this was a lull before the onset of a violent storm, in a way my hunch was right.  After attending Sunday Mass at Mount Carmel in New Manila, we started receiving news that the fight was over. It was starting to drizzle when I got home, rushed and ran up to my room to check out the action. What showed on my screen was the fight for Round Five (5)  out of the Twelve rounds. In my opinion, it looked more like an exciting brawl and not a boxing match I could imagine.

While nailed to my seat…I see speedy jabs, left and right hooks, the usual side-steps and setting up of frenzy attacks, left and right uppercut, the head butt, blood gushing out from fluffy faces of both protagonists as each round passed.The most exciting cliffhanger round was in the 9th Round of the fight. People were screaming, shouting, clapping cursing Both fighters were giving all they can, sweating it outpouring their heart and soul to the delight of the audience.

Some guys from my neighborhood exclaim that the heavens were crying, the loud thunder and clap of lightning were crying out in giphy (28)protest. Other would shout out “Laos Nah, Time to Retire” No my friend’s Boxing is not a dying Sport. Just like the gladiators of the olden ancient Roman times, as long as people watch, talk and promote Boxing and contact sport. People, especially in Social Media, will perpetually look for blood sport a source of entertainment.

People in social media see two fighters, Jeff Horn an Austrailian underdog hungry for the WBO Welterweight Boxing Title. While Manny Pacquiao, as the over-aged fighter defending his crown. I perceive both gentlemen and individuals differently.

I see Jeff Horn as a future young Father-to-be, rising from the abyss of obscurity. the young Jeff Horn is finally latching on a title in the Boxing World. Whereas  *Senator Manny Pacquiao, the first boxer to have won ten world titles in eight different weight divisions. I see Senator Pacquiao as a gifted man who only wants to share his love and passion for boxing.

People are looking forward to the match between Floyd May Weather and Conor Mcgregor the date has been set for August 26, 2017.

pablo (21).png

Here are some  reactions I have compiled:


Boxing is not a dying Sport. As long as there are men like Rocky Marciano, Mohamad Ali, Sugar Rey Robinson, Roberto Duran, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Sugar Rey Leonard, Joe Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Gene Tunney, Flash Elorde, Juan Manuel Marquez and others.

All boxing legends they have all lived struggled and climbed the ropes of the Boxing World. Winning the hearts and minds and imagination of people in the entire world.


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