One Typical Day

You can relate…

Woke up around 7:30 in the morning after hearing a loud argument between my mother and some caregiver. To appease both parties, I helped carry my 89-year-old mother to her wheelchair. Grabbed a cheese sandwich, worked on my laundry and house choirs. Charged both my Android device and Dell Desktop.

Checked on my Daily Planner for my itinerary. Finally switched on my laptop, the first thing I received was a Personal Message from my daughter.

I had forwarded this picture of my desktop/work desk to my daughter in Angeles Pampanga. She uttered Pa, how can you work with all that clutter pablo (30)and mess on your table. Your honor, I do plead guilty as charged playing those words on my mind.

In front of my is my 32 inches LED Television. On my left side is my Dell 3552 15.6 laptop, I attached a High-Density Cable which connects to both my laptop and LED Monitor.

I have a four port USB extender which is utilized as a connection for my keyboard and optical mouse.  There was a time I utilized the USB extender as a heater to heat up my cup of tea or coffee. My wife scolded me that this is dangerous. So to appease her, I stopped using the USB extender as a coffee warmer. I see her point especially on the danger of a possibility of an unforeseen accident.

Chaotic Setup 

The first thing I do when I wake up is to clean my room, turn on my laptop and check my itinerary.

I make it a point not to switch on my WI-FI, 18891506_351037915313473_3759505056139697114_omy thoughts are one this will keep me from checking on what is going on in the Digital World. And two, this prolongs the battery life of my Dell computer from 6 hours full charge to 10 hours of full productivity hour.

This is good for me especially in a Stand-alone mode (Old school Habit). I left my old Trusty Gateway just in front of me to remind that once I have sufficient funds I would have my old Several-year-old  Gateway Netbook fixed.

I was really embarrassed when  I read in a social media thread that one of my peers had been using her laptop for over 15 years. This was the only time she had decided to get a desktop so she could concentrate and work at home.

A Quick Buck? Old School Selling  (Push and Pull)

I thought of hitting two birds with one stone. An old officemate from IBM was selling her one year Dell 3300 for Php17,000.00. I decided to get in touch with my peer from Virtual Assitant Acadamy and offered her the laptop. She told me that she was had made up her mind to get a Desktop instead of a Laptop. No problemo, I exclaimed. I decided to post the Dell on my account and some of the Facebook Groups I handled.  This was no different from what I used to do when I worked with old IBM vendors. Calling up old customers, check out the requirements, forward the proposal, make a follow-up than closing the sale.

Transition to On-line Selling

At first, I thought it would be an easy transition when you sell an item online. There are options how to sell an item.

  • Post the item in Facebook Groups
  • Post the item in Buy&Sell
  • Contact old friends and college buddies
  • Concentrate on Legitimate Local Buy and Sell Groups. In the old days, I used eBay to sell my items. I once trusted eBay, because I used to be a member of the Trust and Safety Department, once upon a time. But today, it seems a different story because of the horror stories I heard of being scammed.  Sad to hear…


Utilizing my Daily Tools

ESSENTIAL PIMs –Other than writing on my daily journal I use a program called the ESSENTIAL PIM app. I have been using this app because it helps me get organized on my daily activities. Easy File and filter eMail Manager. Scheduler, Planner and mini project management activities

FIRESHOT (Screen Capture)-  I recently installed an app called FireShot for screen capture. I”m still figuring out how to utilize the app especially when I need to work on documentation or a step by step procedure. Normally, I think the Dropbox would be sufficient for the job.

TRELLO – Time to activate my Trello App. What is Trello?

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.

I find the app extremely useful especially when I work on Mind mapping ideas. And work on simple tasks. It helps me breakdown major tasks to simple steps and daily goals.


I wrote this blog for my brother and nephew. Here’s my typical day. How do you Work from Home? You can only answer that question by looking for the task or job you love to do. There are no shortcuts nor there is an easy way to convert and translate a process to something personal and functional.